Various – Inner Ocean Sessions - Warehouse Collection

Inner Ocean

CA - Original
Instrumentals + Hip Hop / Rap
yuutsu, senoy, peter bark, joe nora, g mills, fantompower, es-k, blackbird belle, arbour
Various - Inner Ocean Sessions - Warehouse Collection
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Limited Edition of 250 Copies on Black Double Vinyl.

Inner Ocean Sessions is an artist residency series started in 2019, to bring artists to the Inner Ocean HQ in Calgary, AB, to collaborate and create music. The Warehouse Collection all took place in the Westinghouse Foundry, a dark warehouse in the rail yards on the east side of town.

We present the collection of EP's together in a Double LP Vinyl and Tape Cassette package to immortalize this special time in Inner Ocean history.

Episode 1 - Arbour + Fantompower
Longtime friends and indie band mates in Club Mage, Hans Watkins (aka Arbour) and Justus Yearous (aka Fantompower) are natural collaborators from years of working together in Bellingham, WA. Effortlessly working in unison to create not your average beat tape; utilizing nearly every piece of gear in the Inner Ocean studio, Hans' handheld tape recorder and the brutal Canadian winter to create a truly special EP.
[Recorded February 16-20, 2019]

Episode 2 - G Mills
Gabriel Millman (aka G Mills) from Brooklyn, NY, has one of those infectious personalities you can't help but love, shining through his music like diamonds. Arriving at Inner Ocean HQ during a freak blizzard in true Calgary form, he started the beat making process while stuck on a plane rerouted to Edmonton! His beats are chill and uplifting, always putting a smile on your face.
[Recorded April 27 - May 1, 2019]

Episode 3 - Joe Nora + Yuutsu
Having only met in person one time before, Josef Nygaar (aka Joe Nora) from Los Angeles, CA, and Jashan Makan (aka Yuutsu) from Calgary, AB, they dove in head first to collaborate on an EP that blends both of their unique sounds. Pulling from Yuutsu's highly cinematic and minimal compositional style and Nora's incredibly texture rich production, their complimentary sounds give way to some seriously magical moments.
[Recorded Aug 10-15, 2019]

Episode 4 - Peter Bark
Dan Panarese (aka Peter Bark) from Brooklyn, NY, always holds true to his artistic vision, forever keeping to his own lane, whether it's crafting beats, house or ambient music. Right away Panarese was pulling apart tape cassettes, using the 4 track Tascam Portastudio to layer endless ultra lush synth and guitar droning tape loops. The following days were spent experimenting with sound design and collecting a vibrant palette of loops and segments that he would later use to sculpt an ambient EP that flows in a continuous 3 part movement. His creation is truly out of this world, each listen revealing new layers of depth and detail.
[Recorded Sep 29 - Oct 2, 2019

Vinyl 2LP Only Vinyl
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A1. Empty StreetsArbour + Fa...
A2. Singing BowlArbour + Fa...
A3. Chaotic GoodArbour + Fa...
A4. Stop Motion Arbour + Fa...
A5. By The Trainyard Arbour + Fa...
B1. Shapeshifting Bill MurrayG Mills
B2. Soaking Wet PajamasG Mills
B3. Stuck in EdmontonG Mills
B4. Pygmy JerboaG Mills
B5. Elton John Type BeatG Mills
B6. Leafy GreenG Mills
C1. Ten Foot MirrorJoe Nora + ...
C2. Good Food Joe Nora + ...
C3. ShimmerJoe Nora + ...
C4. Above Our Heads Joe Nora + ...
C5. Geodesic Joe Nora + ...
C6. GlacialJoe Nora + ...
C7. DarkJoe Nora + ...
D1. RustPeter Bark
D2. SnowblindPeter Bark
D3. CovePeter Bark
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