Figub Brazlevic – Moabit - From Ghettos to Galaxies

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Krekpek 001

DE - Reissue
Instrumentals + Hip Hop / Rap + Beat Art + Trip Hop + Broken Beats / Headz + Downtempo / Downbeat
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Figub Brazlevic - Moabit - From Ghettos to Galaxies
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Limited to 1000 copies! Includes Signed Poster!

Figub Brazlevič needs no introduction - his unique trademark sound is one of a kind. For many years he has been globetrotting, networking and releasing countless records - many of which are rare collectors’ items nowadays.

In 2020 the Berlin-based beat maker is hitting the stores with „Moabit - From Ghettos to Galaxies“. This 2LP compilation is a very special release that shouldn’t be misunderstood. It features all tracks from two previous projects as well as another exclusive instrumental. Originally released in two super rare, strictly limited vinyl editions both albums became instant classics. Being sold out for years and only available for horrific prices on Discogs, Figub is giving the music back into the hands of all of his fans. This should by no means let down the first hour collectors! It rather counters the development of record traders making enormous profits off of limited records - with no share for the artists themselves. With that being said… Records are for the people! Figub is for the people! So get your copy, sit back & enjoy this sonic trip: Moabit - From Ghettos to Galaxies.

Only 2 per customer!

Vinyl 2LP Only Vinyl
27,95 €*
Lieferbar in 2 bis 3 Wochen
Vinyl 2LP + Digital Vinyl + Digital Vinyl + Digital
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Lieferbar in 2 bis 3 Wochen
A1. Tuttlingen DodgersFigub Brazl...03:21play
A2. The ChallengeCosmic OscarFigub Brazl...03:14play
A3. Clockwork ColorS. FidelityFigub Brazl...01:45play
A4. Lovin' It The Hard WayFigub Brazl...02:26play
A5. InfluenceFigub Brazl...04:00play
A6. Rough RuggedDJ CutrockFigub Brazl...01:56play
B1. Smell The WordsCosmic Osca...Figub Brazl...03:36play
B2. All At Once At The Same TimeFigub Brazl...03:17play
B3. Bang Boom BangFigub Brazl...03:46play
B4. Attack Of The Defenders Figub Brazl...02:57play
B5. Sewer SightsS. FidelityFigub Brazl...03:05play
B6. I Put My Jay To Sleep Figub Brazl...01:37play
B7. The Main Ingredient (Bonus In...03:06play
C1. From Ghettos To Galaxies Noritsu, Bl...Figub Brazl...03:53play
C2. 90s All Stars Figub Brazl...03:42play
C3. Boat Chase (All Along The Coa...NoritsuFigub Brazl...03:42play
C4. The Rising Figub Brazl...03:06play
C5. Funky Fresh Copilots Noritsu & D...Figub Brazl...04:38play
C6. Ghetto Space PatrolFigub Brazl...01:57play
C7. Time TravelerFigub Brazl...02:49play
D1. Never Surrender Figub Brazl...02:30play
D2. Do Ya Thang! (Whateva It Is)Figub Brazl...04:09play
D3. Opinion TakeoverFigub Brazl...03:50play
D4. Survival Of The Flava NoritsuFigub Brazl...02:50play
D5. Take My Life Figub Brazl...04:08play
D6. Members Of The Head Nod ClanFigub Brazl...03:39play
D7. De La Smoke (One 4 The Beat) DJ EducutFigub Brazl...03:08play
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