khaderbai – The khaderbai Beat Diaries. krüml no.04

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khaderbai - The khaderbai Beat Diaries. krüml no.04
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Vinyl Digital Exclusive: Limited edition of 300 copies!

Here you go with the beats from the well known Beat Diaries series by khaderbai. Reedited and complemented with completely new beats for the first time on vinyl!

"I’ve filmed the very first episode of the beat diaries on a balcony on the Portuguese island Madeira in May 2014. Presenting my beats live was of no particular concern to me until that point, but I was looking for a way to release music spontaneously. I needed something external that would keep me making those beats and videos, so I decided that whenever I would travel somewhere, I would film an episode. The beats needed to be done in a short time window and should at least aim to reproduce my mood, my experiences relating to that moment, thus functioning as a diary. All episodes ought to be recorded and filmed live and in one take.
Making a song on demand, presenting it in a more or less live way, finding a place to film it, carrying a lot of equipment, and working around weather conditions and curious bystanders have been among the challenges that have been presented to me, not to speak of impatient co-travellers. Up until now (January 2018), I’ve recorded more than 50 episodes and I’m thrilled that I was asked to collect some of them for this album. So I did. I’ve re-recorded a selection of episodes, re-producing them again from scratch, included some episodes that never came into existence and complemented them with shouterludes featuring some of the people I was meeting on my travels.
It took me over a year to produce this record and it was a journey making it. Featured are beats that have been originally composed in the last four years and shout outs from fellow beatmakers I had the privilege of meeting during this time. I had so much fun making those videos, crafting those beats, so I sincerely hope you’re enjoying this record.
Nuff said."
– khaderbai

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A1. Beat Diaries Intro: Shouterlu...03:01play
A2. Plozévet (Episode 38)02:08play
A3. Zürich Schwamendingen (Episod...02:50play
A4. Berlin ii Friedrichshain (Epi...03:14play
A5. Shouterlude ii02:13play
A6. Zürich Chreis Vier (Episode 50)02:43play
B1. Maggia (Episode 37)02:09play
B2. Dresden (Episode 26)02:57play
B3. London (Episode 42)02:53play
B4. Leipzig (Episode 33)02:46play
B5. Brugge (Episode 19)02:09play
B6. Shouterlude iii02:15play
B7. Praha (Episode 17)01:56play
C1. Zürich Wiedikon (Episode 39)03:52play
C2. Bern (Episode 32)02:33play
C3. Shouterlude Comin Tru: Shoute...01:56play
C4. Rorschach (Episode 36)02:28play
C5. Budapest ii (Episode 29)02:15play
C6. Achern (Episode 46)02:17play
D1. Offenburg (Episode 52)02:28play
D2. Paris ii (Episode 54)02:32play
D3. Hamburg ii (Episode 41)02:09play
D4. Shouterlude v01:59play
D5. Firenze (Episode 45)02:28play
D6. München ii (Episode 44)01:49play
D7. Beat Diaries Outro: Shouterlu...01:33play
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