Various – The Many Faces Of Led Zeppelin

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iron maiden, daft punk
Various - The Many Faces Of Led Zeppelin
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180 Gram Transparent Marbled Double Vinyl in Gatefold Sleeve.

A  deep exploration into the work of their legendary members and a review of their classic hits!
The album opens with Alexis Korner. Referred by many as the "founding father of British Blues". The French-born Korner was a major influence on the sound of the British music scene in the 1960s. In 1968, Alexis Korner was recording an album and a young Robert Plant joined the sessions on a couple of tracks with stunning results (it is worth noting right after these sessions Page found Plant, and as they say, the rest is history). Both these songs, "Steal Away" and "Operator", are included here, and for the first time in decades, on vinyl format. Back in late 1967, the album "No Introduction Necessary' was originally planned as the debut album by singer Keith De Groot. They may not know it then, but those sessions included a super-group that featured Albert Lee, Nicky Hopkins, Jim Sullivan, Chris Hughes and both John Paul Jones on bass and Jimmy Page on guitar. The album did little and was already out of print by the time Led Zeppelin exploded on the music scene a year or so later. From those legendary sessions, we include here "Everything I Do Is Wrong" and "Dixie Fried". Mike Hurst is a British singer, songwriter and guitarist that worked with The Springfields, Cat Stevens and Manfred Mann. In 1964, he formed a band called The Methods that included Jimmy Page, Albert Lee and Tony Ashton. They released the single "Any Time That You Want Me" that now is part of our Many Faces. The connection between Jeff Beck, Eric Clapton and Jimmy Page is well known. The three of them were involved at different points of The Yardbirds and according to Page they consider themselves then "arch-buddies". bearing in mind that most critics define them as the Top 3 guitarists of all time, it's great for us to include here "Tribute to Elmore" a collaboration between Jimmy Page & Eric Clapton and "Steelin'" by Jeff Beck All Stars featuring Jimmy Page. "Here comes Joe the Jammer", is what Robert Plant and Jimmy Page used to say when they saw Page's guitar tech Joe Wright coming their way. In 1969, Wright signed on with the rising British rock group as a roadie and later became Page's guitar tech. As his friendship with Page grew, Wright would often jam with him in his dressing room before a gig. Sometimes he was invited on stage, introduced by his new moniker "Joe Jammer." Eventually, he went to England with Zep's manager, Peter Grant, who hooked the young American axe man up with renowned British producer Mickey Most. After forming The Joe Jammer Band, songs were recorded and he even opened for Zeppelin, including at the prestigious Festival of Bath in June 1970. From "Headway" here's "Broken Little Pieces". The fact that before forming Led Zeppelin, Page was one of the most in-demand guitarists in the UK has been very well document. What is not that well known is that the first of his recordings that was officially released, reached #1 in the UK singles chart! Jet Harris & Tony Meehan, two former members of The Shadows recorded "Diamonds" in 1963 to much success and featuring the future Zeppelin member on guitar. When she was only 17, Deborah Bonham, John's younger sister was encouraged by Robert Plant to record her first demos. Her critically acclaimed debut album came out in 1985 and since then she has built an established career in the blues scene. We include her here with her own Deborah Bonham Band performing live a fantastic take on Paul McCartney's "Maybe I'm Amazed". The relationship between Jimmy Page and Chris Farlowe dates to way before Led Zeppelin was even formed. Page was the producer of the demos that a young Farlowe recorded in 1961 with his band The Thunderbirds (the demos were released on Page's own label in 2017). Also, Farlowe sang on two tracks on Jimmy Page's Death Wish II soundtrack, as well as on the songs "Hummingbird", "Prison Blues" and "Blues Anthem" on Page's album "Outrider". We feature him with his version of "(I Can't Get No) Satisfaction" which he recorded for Andrew Loog Oldham's Immediate label in 1966.

LP2 is dedicated to Led Zeppelin's hits, which are plenty considering that the band refused to release singles off their albums, even when they were garnering massive radio play. Artists such as The Slashtones, Keri Kelli (Warrant, Night Ranger), Marko Pukkula, Chris Poland (Megadeth) and Richard Kendrick gave respectful renditions on some of the most well-known staples in the history of classic rock including "Misty Mountain Top", "Kashmir", "Rock N'Roll", and "Black Dog".

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A1. Steal AwayAlexis Korner
A2. Everything I Do Is WrongJimmy Page,...
A3. Anytime That You Want MeJimmy PageMike Hurst
A4. Tribute To ElmoreJimmy Page ...
A5. Broken Little PiecesJoe Jammer
A6. DiamondsJimmy PageJet Harris ...
B1. OperatorAlexis Korner
B2. Steelin'Jimmy PageJeff Beck's...
B3. Dixie FriedJimmy Page,...
B4. Maybe I'm AmazedDeborah Bon...
B5. (I Can't Get No) SatisfactionChris Farlowe
C1. Misty Mountain TopThe Slashtones
C2. Ramble OnChris Polan...
C3. Stairway To HeavenRose Reiter
C4. Over The Hills And Far AwayChris PolandSnowblynd
C5. KashmirChris Heave...
D1. Rock N' RollLee Thompso...
D2. Communication BreakdownPavic
D3. The OceanKeri Kelli,...
D4. The Immigrant SongStrikeforce
D5. Black DogDebbie Land...
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