Schandmaul – Knüppel aus dem Sack


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subway to sally, saltatio mortis, in extremo
Schandmaul - Knüppel aus dem Sack
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Recycled Black Vinyl Edition.

SCHANDMAUL, the undisputed spearhead of German medieval folk rock, unveil their latest stroke of genius and truly let the stick out of the bag. The eleventh album of the German exceptional artists is released via Napalm Records.

Since their debut album, "Wahre Helden" (True Heroes), released in 1999, the Munich-based band has been a guarantor for high-caliber and sophisticated folk rock full of exciting, captivating narratives, presented by genre-typical instruments such as bagpipes, hurdy-gurdy and folk flutes and crowned by the unmistakable vocal artistry of vocalist Thomas Lindner. With six #10 albums in the German charts (including the #1 work "Leuchtfeuer", 2016, and most recently "Artus" at #2, 2019), two nominations for the Echo Award, gold status for "Traumtänzer" (2011) and "Unendlich" (2014), successful tours and numerous festivals, such as the Wave Gotik Treffen, M'era Luna and the legendary Wacken Open Air, as well as millions of streams on digital platforms, SCHANDMAUL have worked their way to the top of the folk rock scene. in 2022 SCHANDMAUL prove once again that they have conquered this position to stay there!

"Knüppel aus dem Sack" shows the band in absolute top form as songwriters, storytellers and entertainers and embodies another high that is not only aimed at die-hard fans of the Schandmäuler.
With the eponymous opener "Knüppel aus dem Sack", the sextet immediately transports the listener into the band's unmistakable sonic universe. Playing art of past days meets hammering modernity and interweaves at the latest in the impulsive chorus with earworm character to the unbeatable symbiosis, as only SCHANDMAUL can create it. With atmospheric hustle and bustle a little later "Königsgarde" introduces a brilliant fireworks and underpins in the round of further pieces, such as the haunting "Niamh" or the buoyant-cheeky performances "Das Gerücht", "Der Pfeifer" and "Der Quacksalber" the hit suitability of the album. More exciting and haunting stories await in "Der Flug", "Tatzelwurm" or "Der elfseitige Würfel" and allow you to escape from everyday life to lose yourself completely in a sonic parallel universe of song and music.

With their atmospheric folk rock and the latest exclamation point, "Knüppel aus dem Sack", SCHANDMAUL once again demonstrate instrumental class full of soothing lightheartedness and conjure up another milestone in their almost 25-year band history!

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A1. Knüppel Aus Dem Sack
A2. Königsgarde
A3. Das Gerücht
A4. Der Pfeifer
A5. Tatzelwurm
A6. Der Flug
A7. Der Quacksalber
B1. Luft Und Liebe
B2. Glück Auf!
B3. Irgendwann
B4. Niamh
B5. Der Elfseitige Würfel (Bonus ...
B6. Long John Silver (Bonus Track)
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