Akira Ifukube – The War Of The Gargantuas (Soundtrack / O.S.T.)

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Akira Ifukube - The War Of The Gargantuas (Soundtrack / O.S.T.)
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THE WAR OF THE GARGANTUAS Original Motion Picture Soundtrack Features:

- The Complete 1966 Film Score by Akira Ifukube
- Available for the first time outside of Japan
- 180 gram "Sanda" & “Gaira” Colored Vinyl in Gatefold
- New artwork by Vance Kelly
- 12” x 12” Art Print
- Heavyweight Gatefold Packaging with Matte Satin Finish

Waxwork Records is beyond thrilled to release THE WAR OF THE GARGANTUAS Original Motion Picture Soundtrack by Akira Ifukube! Available for the first time officially outside of Japan, we are bringing you the complete soundtrack as a monstrous 2xLP set! Collaborating again with iconic director Ishirō Honda (Godzilla 1954, Destroy All Monsters), Ifukube creates a wonderfully chaotic world in which the impacts of nature vs. nurture are examined through battling humanoid monsters. The film is regarded as one of the darkest and scary Japanese Kaiju films. Since its release, the film has been regarded as a cult classic, drawing admiration from artists such as Tim Burton, Quentin Tarantino, Guillermo Del Toro, and Brad Pitt.

The epic score sets the perfect tone of mayhem, balanced with relentless foreboding, as the monsters wreak havoc across Tokyo and scientists try desperately to save their Frankenstein-like creation. This record is the perfect addition to any kaiju lovers' collection!

Waxwork Records is honored to present THE WAR OF THE GARGANTUAS as an official double LP with 180 gram “Sanda” & “Gaira” colored vinyl, deluxe packaging, new artwork by Vance Kelly, heavyweight gatefold jackets with matte satin coating, a 12”x12” art print, and more! 

Vinyl 2LP Only Vinyl
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Vinyl 2LP + Digital Vinyl + Digital Vinyl + Digital
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A1. Main Title
A2. Giant Octopus: The Devil Of T...
A3. The Terror Of The Stormy Seas
A4. Maritime Safety Agency
A5. Tragedy Of The Daisan Kaijin-...
A6. Akemi Reminiscences
A7. Disaster In The Uraga Channel
A8. Panic In Miura Peninsula
A9. Frankenstein's Cells I
A10. Footprints In The Snowy Valley
A11. Emergency At Haneda Airport
B1. The Word Gets Stuck In My Throat
B2. Operation L March I
B3. Operation L March II
B4. Operation L March III
B5. Operation L March IV
C1. Operation L March V
C2. Sanda Appears
C3. Sanda and Gaira
C4. Frankenstein's Cells II
C5. Sanda and Akemi
C6. Sanda's Rage
C7. Self Defense Force To The Coa...
C8. Gaira Escapes
C9. Gaira Comes Ashore
C10. Sanda Heads To Tokyo
D1. Sanda Vs. Gaira I
D2. Attack Gaira
D3. Sanda Vs. Gaira II
D4. The Underwater Volcano Death ...
D5. Ending
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