Verb T & Pitch 92 – A Question Of Time

High Focus

UK - Original
Hip Hop / Rap + UK / Britcore
ransom badbonez, ocean wisdom, fliptrix, dabbla
Verb T & Pitch 92 - A Question Of Time
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High Focus Records is proud to present ‘A Question Of Time’, a brand new collaborative album from Hip Hop’s most prolific duo: Verb T & Pitch 92. 
Not only did the pair deliver one of the most solid Hip Hop albums at the tail end of 2017 with ‘Good Evening’, but they went on to 
provide the score for Romesh Ranganthan’s Sky One Smash TV show ‘The Reluctant Landlord’ thrusting their signature sound into 
prime time TV territory. Verb T is a highly respected veteran of the scene with over 14 LPs to his name spanning every era of the genre 
so far, as well as being part of trailblazing super group The Four Owls. His partner in crime Pitch 92, is following suit & is churning out 
incredible projects at an startling rate including last year’s ‘Lost In Space EP’ and February critically acclaimed ‘3rd Culture’ album - as 
heard at length on Marry Anne hobbs’ BBC Radio 6 Music Show, not to mention being Manchester’s ‘go-to’ producer, producing 
entire projects for the likes of [ KSR ], DRS, The Mouse Outfit and many more. 
It is clear that these two artists are truly on a roll, this ’boost’ is unmistakable when listening to their brand new offering ‘A Question Of 
Time’ - which resumes where the duo left off with ‘Good Evening’ but with a palpable & revitalised burst of energy which literally picks 
the listener up by the scruff of the neck and hurls them into the future. 
At 13 tracks, clocking just over 38 minutes, ‘A Question Of Time’ is a full on immersive experience. Much like the nature of time, its 
hard to quantify how the pair have packed so many concepts, rhythms and rhymes into such a small space. Whether nostalgic or 
looking forward, Verb T, guides the listener on an epic journey over the ever changing moods and atmosphere’s provided by Pitch 92 
which vary from urgent ‘the clock is ticking’ type pressure to the ‘time slows down’ mellow vibes he has become known for, 
appropriately described as ‘Pete Rock Perfection’ by The Wire.

Vinyl LP + Digital Vinyl + Digital Vinyl + Digital
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A1. Power Of Attorneyplay
A2. Tragedy & Comedyplay
A3. Checked Inplay
A4. Cracked Mirrorplay
A5. When The Wind Changesplay
A6. Cold Case Feat. Truemendousplay
B1. What They Told Me [ K S R ]play
B2. A Question Of Time Rye Shabbyplay
B3. New Love Bornplay
B4. Limitless Progresionplay
B5. Frostbittenplay
B6. Coffee & Grapefruitplay
B7. The Answer Is Nowplay
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