Ras Kass – I'm Not Clearing Shxt!


Plastic Sleeve
US - Original
United States + Hip Hop / Rap
wu-tang clan, mobb deep, jeru the damaja
Ras Kass - I'm Not Clearing Shxt!
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Limited Edition of 300 Copies on Ultra Clear Vinyl with OBI Strip in  PVC Sleeve!

Features original guest appearances from ICE-T, Casual, OMID-G, Masta Ace, DJ Sid Wilson (Slipknot), Kool Keith, and MANY more. 

The driving creative force in making IMCS is to take Hip-Hop back to that original essence of the artform when, because of the lack of musical equipment in the inner city, the pioneers of The Culture were forced to sample. Necessity is the mother of invention. Rap was created through looping, thus sampling other music. And before the corporate bullying via sample clearance lawsuits became the norm those artists were able to sample EVERYTHING! That is what’s responsible for our greatest, most legendary hits, from EPMD “You Gots to Chill”, Eric B and Rakim “Paid in Full”, Naughter by Natures “Hip Hop Hurray”, Public Enemy to NWA. the sheer audacity to blend The Beatles White Album with Jay Z Black Album to create The Grey Album is what made it a groundbreaking genre-blending Classic.

There are some exceptions, but what seems to be lost in this era is the creative will by our most successful artists to sample anymore. Songs tend to be “Trap Music” or purposely original music. Sample-free to such an extent that the artist reliquishes artistic creativity by being too-corporate just to avoid paying for sample clearance & to retain all the production publishing. Great business but the music suffers...

 ...INCS is not a mixtape nor does Ras Kass consider it an album, but rather the first in a series of what he calls ‘Vinyl Playlists’. Usually the goal of an album in the typical music business sense is to monetize on videos (he isnt) sale songs/albums on major platforms like iTunes (he isnt) and then to sale merch such as vinyl or CDs (he can’t). I know what youre thinking...”Incredibly Bad business model!”

INCS dares to sample what very few artists, IF ANY, could clear: Elvis Pressley, Prince, Disneys’ Star Wars: The Mandalorian, and even Shirley Temple. When asked about this gumption, Ras Kass smiles slyly and matter-of-factly drawls, “Couldnt afford to if i  wanted to, I don’t have a major label budget; It’s not even for sale on itunes so technically i’m just making art. I ain’t clearin’ shit bro! haha”

Vinyl LP Only Vinyl
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Vinyl LP + Digital Vinyl + Digital Vinyl + Digital
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A1. Chuck Berry02:46play
A2. MandoPimptight, ...04:15play
A3. ParkourCasual, Cortez04:12play
A4. Say No04:15play
A5. FactsDivinerbg, ...03:58play
A6. Culture. Vulture.Alex Sapp, ...03:13play
B1. Animal CrackersBrevi03:10play
B2. Go Wit UsBig Twins, ...03:31play
B3. Dough03:25play
B4. Level UpIce-T, Kool...04:18play
B5. 5 Mikes02:01play
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