JPDL & Yogi Beats – JPDL X Yogi Beats

Played Out Records

EU - Original
Hip Hop / Rap + UVP
JPDL & Yogi Beats - JPDL X Yogi Beats
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Specialising in a wide array of spoken-word genres, the launch of Gloucester based record label Played Out Records illustrates the cultural hub which has developed itself within the stunning backdrop of the Cotswolds. Well-known for its DIY venues and music events, the Gloucester music scene has been a pivotal part of the UK urban offshoots and the development of home-grown imprint Played Out Records is a testament to the talent which it has at its disposal. For their first release, they’ve delivered a massive collection of thirteen tracks, each of which demonstrates not only the stark lyricism of spoken word and hip-hop artists JPDL and Yogi Beats, but also the host of collaborators they’ve brought on board across their Played Out Records debut.
The label’s podcast has already gained national notoriety for showcasing the music which fits into their bracket of hip hop, reggae, breaks, funk and soul. That’s why so much attention will be drawn towards their recent signing, with each of the thirteen tracks demonstrated showing the calibre of music which Played Out Records are about to build their catalogue with.
JPDL is an artist who’s spent over ten years working on his project, over a variety of different platforms. Whether it’s history or politics, JPDL’s content has stretched throughout a variety of subjects. He’s sociality aware and has shown this throughout the years, as well as alongside his musical partner Yogi Beats, who he features with for their self-titled release. Similarly, Yogi Beats proves he’s just as conscious when it comes to societal issues; together they provide an intricate look into what they represent individually and as a collective.
The sounds of DJ Slaazninjah deliver the cuts behind the intro, first track ‘Rebirth’ and ‘Lazy Afternoon’. Both ‘Eleven’ and ‘Rhyme About Nothing’ follow in quick succession as standalone tracks from the pair, before Griz-O joins DJ Slaazninjah, plus the formidable hip-hop pairing, for ‘What If’. The next guest appearance comes from Grove on ‘Soothing Whispers’, before Mic D adds his talents to JPDL and Yogi Beat’s ‘Drinking’. ‘Eleven Fifty Nine PM’ and ‘You’re Getting Old’ together with Reuben Lovett roll out next, as the duo continue the timed theme with ‘Four Twenty AM’. The outro underpins the funk layered vibes which stream out beneath each spoken word and wraps up the LP in its entirety. For a first release, it’s an impressive feat. And it sets a standard which Played Out Records are sure to follow as their discography begins to expand.

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A1. IntroDJ Slaazninjah02:00
A2. RebirthDJ Slaazninjah02:39
A3. 11 AM01:43
A4. Rhyme About NothingDJ Slaazninjah02:55
A5. What IfDJ Slaaznin...04:15
A6. 5.30 PM00:42
A7. Lazy AfteroonDJ Slaaznin...02:59
B1. Soothing WhispersGrove03:32
B2. DrinkingMic D & DJ ...03:19
B3. 11.59 pm00:26
B4. You're Getting OldReuben Lovett04:22
B5. 4.20 AM01:46
B6. OutroDJ Slaazninjah01:39
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