Ed O.G. (Edo G) presents – Pete Rock Vs. DJ Premier


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US - Original
Hip Hop / Rap
pete rock, edo g, dj premier
Ed O.G. (Edo G) presents - Pete Rock Vs. DJ Premier
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Redefinition Records is honored to release Boston legend Edo. G's latest project. This isn't the first rodeo for either party as both entities have been involved in the making of hundreds of records respectively, but it is nonetheless a very special occasion. What's so important? The artist is humble, yet boastfully sums the answer with the music, "Edo. G Presents DJ Premier Vs Pete Rock". Having collaborated with both iconic producers on numerous songs over the years, this EP celebrates some of Edo's personal favorites from their legendary sessions, packaging key tracks as a commemorative 4 x 7” set. At four tracks deep plus the instrumentals (8 tracks total), it was difficult to pick the main single as any one of these cuts can stand tall on it’s own. Edo. G chose to leave it up to the masses and nothing's more hip hop than friendly competition hence the title "Edo. G Presents DJ Premier Vs Pete Rock".

Designed by celebrated illustrator artist Joseph Buckingham (widely celebrated for creating the iconic “De La Soul Is Dead” cover), the vintage boxing poster art direction brings the theme home and makes a statement. There are no less than 4 7” singles packaged in an 8 panel gatefold jacket, rich in colors, detail and with a proper tribute to each of the three featured artists. Need we say more? To paraphrase it, this is some of Edo.G's best work produced entirely by DJ Premier and Pete Rock. Dare to say it's not some of the finest Hip Hop of it's time. For those around the world blessed to catch the two producers go head to head on their string of international tours, this project is monumental as it was inspired by their sportsmanlike rivalry during their DJ performances. It is also is appealing to Edo. G fans as all tracks featured on this EP are long out of print and available for the first time ever on 45 with their exclusive instrumentals. This will be a classic hiphop collectors item. Beginning in the late 80's, Edo. G, DJ Premier and Pete Rock each are each in their fourth decade as recording artists. Now that deserves every bit of your respect.

Vinyl 4x7" Only Vinyl
Lieferbar in 2 bis 3 Wochen
Vinyl 4x7" + Digital Vinyl + Digital Vinyl + Digital
Lieferbar in 2 bis 3 Wochen
A1. Sayin' Something (Vocal Version)DJ Premier
B1. Sayin' Something (Instrumental)DJ Premier
C1. Situations (Vocal Version)Pete Rock
D1. Situations (Instrumental)Pete Rock
E1. Fastlane (Vocal Version)DJ Premier
F1. Fastlane (Instrumental)DJ Premier
G1. Make Music (Vocal)Pete Rock
H1. Make Music (Instrumental)Pete Rock
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