Guts – Estrellas (Black Vinyl)

Heavenly Sweetness

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EU - Original
Exotic Grooves + Instrumentals + Latin / Salsa / Bossanova + Hip Hop / Rap + UVP
pura vida, mambo, lautrec, ephemerals
Guts - Estrellas (Black Vinyl)
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Standard Edition Black Triple Vinyl in Gatefold Sleeve.

Without a pandemic, you’d now be listening to an album wholly recorded in Cuba with local musicians. Back in 2020, everything was organised, so that in May 2021 we could get started. Yet, the sanitary measures proved to be a fierce adversary, so rather than giving up entirely we decamped to Dakar in October the same year – a compromise that ended up being a positive event in itself.

Cuba has a long African history. Under mass enslavement and the Transatlantic trade, Africans were forced from their homelands, against their will, taking their music along with them. Merging throughout the centuries, taking on European influences, led to the birth of a distinctive Afro-Cuban musical tradition. Highly percussive, brass-based, simmering, full of danceable rhythms. The spirit etched into thousands of recordings, forever turning towards Africa. The departure point here is not to keep things the same. Rather, a return to the source enacts a loop – much the same as those providing the foundations for hip-hop beats.
The flame when it’s re-lit illuminates everything. Thanks to the Senegalese musicians in Dakar, the Cubans who crossed the Atlantic to join us and my usual family of musicians, this music – a cross-section of covers and original compositions - exists as a homage to Afro-Cuban music. Made in Africa, in Senegal. Three worlds, three languages, three colours. Recorded over 17 days, non-stop, germinating the seed born in Cuba at the end of 2020 so that the most beautiful fruits might be cultivated in Dakar, 2022.

When the world doesn’t seem big enough, we look up to the sky where even the blackness is lit up, where those I loved who are now gone shine as stars, shining as brightly as all the others. Each time I think I’m not going to make it; I recall the star of my mother. Then the path becomes clear.
Pandemic, visa problems, cultural clashes, bank transfers that didn’t go through, a fractured foot – this project sometimes felt like a series of accumulated challenges. The only thing linking us, a shared love for the music, each of us invoking our personal star and all that we have overcome.
In this way, the music is born as a call to our stars.

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A1. El Retorno00:53play
A2. ULtima LlamadaKumar Sublevao09:06play
A3. San LazaroAkemis04:02play
B1. Yebo Edi PachangaJosé Padilla05:20play
B2. Dejame En PazBrenda Nava...05:43play
B3. OdaAl Quetz05:04play
C1. Adduna Jarul NaawoAlpha Dieng...04:49play
C2. MedewuiPat Kalla, ...06:57play
C3. Dakar De NocheIss 814, Sa...03:41play
D1. Nunca PierdoAssane Mbou...09:29play
D2. Por Que Ou Ka Fe SaBrenda Nava...06:47play
E1. Sin PantallasCyril Atef,...04:14play
E2. BarrioIss 814, Sa...03:30play
E3. Dansons CadencesAnnas G, Dj...04:51play
F1. Il N'est Jamais Trop TardEl Gato Negro04:51play
F2. EstrellasFlorian Pel...07:38play
F3. Estrellas - Version PolvoFlorian Pel...03:13play
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