I.L.L. Will – Vintage Low Fidelity (Beat Tape 1995 - 2001)

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EXCLUSIVES + Hip Hop / Rap + Deutschland + Instrumentals + Beat Art
wun two, ill will, iampaul, flofilz, fettes brot, eloquent, dendeman, bonobo
I.L.L. Will - Vintage Low Fidelity (Beat Tape 1995 - 2001)
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Lofi sound is omnipresent in the modern HipHop scene and represented in every style. Its origin, however, is around the turn of the millennium, where I.L.L. Will has already produced beats that sound just like it. For his new album "Vintage Low Fidelity", he dug deep into his archives and found some unreleased beats and instrumental demo versions of some famous German rap classics by Curse, Eins Zwo, Fettes Brot, MC Rene and many more. These beats, created between 1995 and 2002, have passed the test of time brilliantly and still fit into every lofi playlist today.


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A1. Dungeon IntroI.L.L. Will00:12play
A2. Vibin'I.L.L. Will01:28play
A3. RainbowI.L.L. Will01:30play
A4. Old newsI.L.L. Will02:07play
A5. Cop hamI.L.L. Will01:31play
A6. MC Rene – Die neue Reimgenera...MC ReneI.L.L. Will03:28play
A7. SuspiciousI.L.L. Will02:07play
A8. Nich daI.L.L. Will01:51play
A9. Cellar cypherI.L.L. Will02:26play
A10. To much talkin'I.L.L. Will01:38play
A11. NaiveI.L.L. Will01:24play
A12. Hip selimI.L.L. Will02:02play
A13. Keep onI.L.L. Will01:13play
B1. EkambusI.L.L. Will00:09play
B2. WilderI.L.L. Will02:18play
B3. I.L.L. Will feat. Curse – Feu...CurseI.L.L. Will02:13play
B4. Shahidi-eskI.L.L. Will01:00play
B5. Curse – Gleichgewicht (Demo B...CurseI.L.L. Will02:43play
B6. Half steppin'I.L.L. Will01:08play
B7. Da DausI.L.L. Will01:45play
B8. Stieber Twins BackstageStieber TwinsI.L.L. Will00:54play
B9. Nico Suave – Jugendsünden (De...Nico SuaveI.L.L. Will01:44play
B10. KlemmerI.L.L. Will01:53play
B11. I.L.L. Will feat. Eins Zwo – ...Eins ZwoI.L.L. Will02:25play
B12. HarpyI.L.L. Will01:45play
B13. Blumentopf – Liebe und Hass (...BlumentopfI.L.L. Will00:52play
B14. Eins Zwo – Ich schließ abEins ZwoI.L.L. Will01:36play
C1. Fettes Brot – Mal sehen (Demo...Fettes BrotI.L.L. Will02:39play
C2. You knowI.L.L. Will01:34play
C3. Just cool outI.L.L. Will01:55play
C4. Get used to itI.L.L. Will02:03play
C5. Get aroundI.L.L. Will01:30play
C6. Hip to the hopI.L.L. Will01:47play
C7. You sure?I.L.L. Will01:36play
C8. Jazz'n inI.L.L. Will02:15play
C9. ParanoidI.L.L. Will01:30play
C10. Für HörzuI.L.L. Will01:59play
C11. Eins Zwo – Danke, gut! (Demo ...Eins ZwoI.L.L. Will02:06play
C12. It’s the LawsI.L.L. Will00:49play
D1. Less man canI.L.L. Will02:41play
D2. Eins Zwo – Vatertag (Demo Bea...Eins ZwoI.L.L. Will02:28play
D3. Deichkind – Weit weg (I.L.L. ...DeichkindI.L.L. Will02:30play
D4. In the moodI.L.L. Will01:35play
D5. I.L.L. Will feat. Zora – Stra...ZoraI.L.L. Will02:27play
D6. MagnussenI.L.L. Will00:57play
D7. AngerI.L.L. Will01:24play
D8. Broken rhythmI.L.L. Will01:00play
D9. Total Chaos – An alle (Demo B...Total ChaosI.L.L. Will01:24play
D10. Total Chaos – Von Stadt zu St...Total ChaosI.L.L. Will02:15play
D11. Total Chaos – Nah und doch so...Total ChaosI.L.L. Will01:14play
D12. Come backI.L.L. Will01:41play
D13. Ekambus OutroI.L.L. Will00:42play
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2020-10-12 16:17:03 Vintage Low Fidelity (Beat Tape 1995 - 2001) ab 24,95 €
...real king of so called lofi since 95, wouldn't call it even lofi at all, just mad dope beat material...