Binkbeats – P.M.P.U. Part 3 (Ocean Blue Vinyl)

Vinyl Digital

12" EP
DE - Original
EXCLUSIVES + Instrumentals + Beat Art + Downtempo / Downbeat + Hip Hop / Rap + Trip Hop + UVP
wun two, vindigsale, vater und sohn, polynation, photay, natureboy flako, mammal hands, flofilz, dub fx
Binkbeats - P.M.P.U. Part 3 (Ocean Blue Vinyl)
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Vinyl Digital Exclusive: Limited edition of 500 Ocean Blue colored copies!

Composer, producer & multi-instrumentalist Binkbeats is unveiling the remarkable third and final chapter of his Private Matter Previously Unavailable EP-trilogy. Somewhere between electronica and hiphop grooves you find melodies that dreams are made of, rhythms which will get you going and the feeling you're dancing under blue skies.


Private Matter Previously Unavailable Pt. 3 marks a surprising shift in the Dutch sound wizard’s body of work. Renowned for translating live instrumentation into baffling sonic abstractions, Binkbeats now leans more than ever into his instincts as a composer, applying brass, strings, and textural soundscapes to create a gripping, cinematic listening experience.

Frank Wienk, the real name of Binkbeats, uses the Private Matter Previously Unavailable project as a creative self-interrogation of sorts, a quest to find his definitive voice. The results revealed a proclivity towards an abundance of styles and forms. On Pt.1, widescreen floor-fillers alternated hot-blooded jazz/breakbeat hybrids. Pt.2 unfolded with even more intrepid firsts: the atmospheric bare-bones slow burner ‘Earth’ is the first Binkbeats-track built around the more traditional pop idiom of vocals and lyrics. Pt. 3 finds Wienk pushing his music to unnerving new depths. The track Bylina is a more vocal-based track inspired by ancient Russian literature and folklore. Chapel Of The Blind Cathar, featuring Jaga Jazzist’s Lars Horntveth on clarinet, channels some of David Lynch’s most unnerving film work, shapeshifting promptly into creepy upper-register vocal drones and throbbing tribal beats.

The EP bookends with Drones In My Bones, a textural beast of a track that utilizes guitar feedback, Indonesian percussion, and electronic noise, romped up with a menace apropos to Fuck Buttons at their most wayward. Check out the one-take video of this track below.

Binkbeats first turned heads around the world with his Beats Unraveled-series, which found him performing tracks by Aphex Twin, J. Dilla and Flying Lotus entirely live and in single takes. The dazzlingly inventive, faithful ways Wienk renders these complex original works drew hot praise from the likes of Questlove, Thom Yorke, and The Gaslamp Killer. Binkbeats toured the world and played festivals like Le Guess Who?, Best Kept Secret, Motel Mozaique and Les Ardentes since. He also played headline shows in Concert Gebouw Amsterdam and The Royal Albert Hall in London.

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A1. 9INE FO4R 4OURBinkbeats05:23play
A2. MooncakeBinkbeats03:46play
B1. BylinaBinkbeats05:07play
B2. Chapel Of The Blind CatharBinkbeats04:43play
B3. Drones In My BonesBinkbeats04:40play
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