Django Django – Late Night Tales

Late Night Tales

UK - Original
Beat Art + Hip Hop / Rap + Electronic + Electro + Rock / Indie + Classic Rock + Broken Beats / Headz
massive attack, djangodjango, bonobo, bob james
Django Django - Late Night Tales
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Limited Collectors Edition - 180 Gram Heavyweight Virgin Vinyl.

DjangoDjango is the latest band invited to curate a prestigious Late Night Tales collection, set for release on 5th May. Like many of the best British groups, the Djangos met at art school, specifically Edinburgh College Of Art, before reconnecting in London. DjangoDjango released their self-titled debut album on quirky French indie Because in early 2012 to some acclaim, winding up in many critics’ end of year lists (Top Ten in the NME and Top 30 in Rolling Stone, among them).

Their oddball approach to music, which sounds like the rich harmonies of the Mamas & Papas beamed through a refracting prism pointing towards Bo Diddley, Chicago house and outer-space (it’s no surprise to learn that Django producer/drummer Dave Maclean’s brother John was in the Beta Band, who also shared the same cinemascopic view of the pop landscape). 

“Rollicking sing-alongs, galloping into disco sunsets like whisky-addled and leather-saddled bandits on the stolen backs of prairie wild mustangs,” is how DjangoDjangodescribe themselves. Which is another way of saying they’re pop adventurists, as at home with Mad Mike’s Underground Resistance as they are the blues rumble of Canned Heat. A bit like this delightful mix, then, which darts about like a gurgle of guppies after two too many espressos.

Check out mixes that rock between two-step delights like Roy Davis Jr’s ‘Gabrielle’ to Nilsson’s lyrically winsome ‘Coconut’. At one end of the Django spectrum there’s James Last, the terminally unhip Teuton, whose ‘Inner City Blues’ shows you can never underestimate the Germans, while at the far reaches of the mix, they manage to sneak in Ramadanman (‘Bass Drums’) and Hudson Mohawke.

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A1. The Tennessee ToadLeo Kottke 02:37
A2. Game Of LoveGulp03:18
A3. NautilusBob James05:05
A4. Inner City BluesJames Last03:09
A5. FloePhilip Glas05:59
B1. BoneMap Of Africa 03:48
B2. Sweet Green FieldsSeals & Cro...04:14
B3. To Claudia On ThursdayThe Millenn...03:26
B4. Surf's UpThe Beach B...04:12
B5. Carry Me HomePrimal Scream 05:16
C1. Man Next DoorMassive Att...05:56
C2. Bugg'nTNGHT03:26
C3. Slum BeautifulOutkast04:08
C4. Why Can't We Live TogetherTimmy Thomas 04:49
D1. CoconutHarry Nilsson 03:53
D2. Poor MoonCanned Heat 03:25
D3. Future DirectionsRick Miller02:45
D4. Porpoise SongDjangoDjango05:18
D5. Flat Of Angles pt.4Benedict Cu...04:14
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