Grauzone – Grauzone (Box Set)


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Grauzone - Grauzone (Box Set)
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2021 Reissue - Limited Edition 40 Years Anniversary Box Set.

2LP first Album with Bonus Tracks, in an Art and Vinyl Edition that won´t be available like this outside this Limited Box. Grauzone’s self-titled album from 1981 reissued as a 180g vinyl double LP with 9 additional tracks, amounting to the band’s complete studio discography. Included are the classics "Eisbär", "FILM 2", "Raum", "Moskau", "Träume Mit Mir", "Der Weg Zu Zweit", and "Wütendes Glas (Maxi Version The double LP is housed in a heavy gatefold sleeve, with liner notes by Lurker Grand, an insert with the original album’s lyrics, and a special Xeroxed artwork imagined by Stephan Eicher.

1LP "Live" , Grauzone’s LIVE LP, a recording of their April 12th 1980 concert at Gaskessel in their hometown of Bern, Switzerland, with a sleeve artwork by Stephan Eicher.

An 80-page Fanzine containing the history of Grauzone written by Lurker Grand, never-seen images of the band and their collaborators and incredible snapshots of the late 70s/early 80s underground scene in Switzerland, as well as artist contributions by Christian Marclay, Genesis P-Orridge, Sylvie Fleury, John Armleder, Maurizio Cattelan, Gregor Hildebrandt and more, cementing Grauzone’s Art band with a Punk attitude ethos.

A 60 x 90 cm poster replica of Grauzone’s Spex (Bern) concert flyer from October 25 1980.

Absolutely ALL the elements included in this box set collection were photocopied by hand with a vintage Xerox machine before being printed, as wished by Stephan Eicher (who took care of photocopy duties for a good chunk of the material). A bold artistic choice, a nod to the DIY ways of the era this release represents, and drawing a parallel between the acts of reissuing and photocopying.

The pioneering band from Bern (Switzerland) had a short-lived but highly-regarded career which birthed a cult discography that still fascinates and resonates today. Consisting of core members Martin Eicher, Stephan Eicher, and Marco Repetto, and on-and-off participants Christian GT Trüssel, Claudine Chirac, and Ingrid Berney, the elusive group broke new grounds in the early 80s, experimenting with punk and industrial music, early techno sounds, minimalism, new wave, pop, and various electronics. With an innovative and polished approach to design, visuals, performance, and all around style and philosophy on top of their superb music, the constantly transforming unit developed a whole experience - the Grauzone experience: wild and unpredictable, yet sophisticated and cohesive, or as Swiss music historian Lurker Grand would call it, "an Art band with a Punk attitude".

Vinyl 3LP BOX Only Vinyl
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A1. Film 203:38play
A2. Schlachtet!03:21play
A3. Hinter Den Bergen02:27play
A4. Maikäfer Flieg03:59play
A5. Marmelade Und Himbeereis03:18play
B1. Wütendes Glas03:21play
B2. Kälte Kriecht03:19play
B3. Kunstgewerbe01:05play
B4. Der Weg Zu Zweit03:23play
B5. In Der Nacht04:53play
C1. Eisbär04:47play
C2. Ich Lieb Sie03:21play
C3. Moskau04:04play
C4. Ein Tanz Mit Dem Tod02:14play
D1. Traüme Mit Mir03:59play
D2. Ich Und Du03:37play
D3. Wütendes Glas (Maxi Version)03:21play
D4. Raum03:48play
D5. Film 103:10play
E1. Plastikherz03:14play
E2. My Eyes04:21play
E3. Animals Dance02:41play
E4. Alone In The Jungle05:00play
E5. Sommer 8001:51play
F1. Funky Punk04:52play
F2. Moskau03:44play
F3. Waiting For A Light04:28play
F4. Grauzone07:27play
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