Twit One
Urlaub In Der Bredouille

( retrogott - huss - hulk hodn - dexter )

Label: Entbs
Art.No.: 0951229
Cat.No.: ENTLP030
Year: 2013
Cover: Picture Gatefold
Format: 2LP
Pressing: DE - Original

State: New
Hip Hop / Rap + Instrumentals + Germany
Twit One - Urlaub In Der Bredouille

Mit Miles Bonny, Bxnjamin, 4Trackboy, Tbrck & Suff Daddy!

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Title Featuring Producing
A1. Black Hoodies Twit One
A2. Geteertundgefedert Twit One
A3. Ramy Kommt Twit One
A4. Get Kater Twit One
A5. Soon You'll See Bxnjamin Twit One
A6. Nara Twit One
A7. Donuthin' Twit One
A8. Onkel R. Outro Twit One
B1. ZZZ ZZZ ZZZ Miles Bonny Twit One
B2. Flurrmingos Twit One
B3. Niedertracht Twit One
B4. Piñata Twit One
B5. Die Ewigen Jagdgründe Twit One
B6. All Night/All Day Twit One
B7. Einerfürdenregen Twit One
B8. Cul De Sac Twit One
C1. Thai Wallah Twit One
C2. Alhambra Twit One
C3. Trüffel & Säue 4Trackboy (... Twit One
C4. Tellawescha Twit One
C5. Kanonenfutter Twit One
C6. Zülpischer Blues Pt. 2 Twit One
C7. Thot Twit One
C8. Beat3708 Twit One
C9. The Chase Twit One
C10. Schnorrbert's Outro Twit One
D1. Einerfürdiesonneunddiewolken Twit One
D2. Crystallmettbrötchen Suff Daddy Twit One
D3. Haltungsbrille Twit One
D4. Singaporeslingskit Twit One
D5. B.A.Shabracus Twit One
D6. Turban TBRCK Twit One
D7. Smokerings Twit One
D8. Onda Miles Bonny Twit One
D9. Hypno Twit One

2 Ratings

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