69 Love Songs (Deluxe Box)

Label: Domino
Art.Nr.: 09536238
Kat.Nr.: REWIGLP18
Jahr: 2010
Cover: BOX
Format: 6x10" BOX
Pressung: UK - Reissue

Zustand: Neu
Alternative / Indie + Electronic + Rock / Indie + Classic Rock + Pop & Various + Pop + Synth-Pop / New Wave + BOX-Sets + Vinyl-Boxen
The Magnetic Fields - 69 Love Songs (Deluxe Box)
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Auf 230 EH limitiertes, hochwertiges Deluxe Boxset: Sechs 10“ Vinyls in Inner Sleeves in drei Gatefold Sleeves + 24-seitiges Booklet in Gloss-finish Hardboard Box

Das legendäre sechste Studioalbum der amerikanischen Indiepopper Magnetic Fields aus dem Jahre 1999 umfasst - wie der Name schon verspricht - 69 Liebeslieder. Erstmals in Deutschland und Österreich erhältlich ist das Werk jetzt als hochwertiges, limitiertes Box Set auf sechs 10“ Vinyls mit einem 24-seitigem Booklet.

Vinyl 6x10" BOX + Digital Vinyl + Digital Vinyl + Digital
69,95 €*
Lieferbar in 2 bis 3 Wochen
A1.Absolutely Cuckoo
A2.I Don't Believe In The Sun
A3.All My Little WordsLD Beghtol
A4.A Chicken With Its Head Cut Off
A5.Reno DakotaClaudia Gonson
A6.I Don't Want To Get Over You
B1.Come Back From San FranciscoShirley Simms
B2.The Luckiest Guy On The Lower...Dudley Kludt
B3.Let's Pretend We're Bunny Rab...
B4.The Cactus Where Your Heart S...
B5.I Think I Need A New Heart
B6.The Book Of Love
C1.Fido, Your Leash Is Too Long
C2.How Fucking RomanticDudley Kludt
C3.The One You Really Love
C4.Punk Love
C5.Parades Go By
C6.Boa ConstrictorShirley Simms
D1.A Pretty Girl Is Like...
D2.My Sentimental MelodyLD Beghtol
D3.Nothing Matters When We're Da...
D4.Sweet-Lovin' ManClaudia Gonson
D5.The Things We Did And Didn't Do
E1.RosesLD Beghtol
E2.Love Is Like Jazz
E3.When My Boy Walks Down The St...
E4.Time Enough For Rocking When ...
E5.Very FunnyDudley Kludt
E6.Grand Canyon
E7.No One Will Ever Love YouShirley Simms
F1.If You Don't CryClaudia Gonson
F2.You're My Only Home
F3.(Crazy For You But) Not That ...
F4.My Only Friend
F5.Promises Of Eternity
G1.World Love
G2.Washington, D.C.
G3.Long-Forgotten FairytaleDudley Kludt
G4.Kiss Me Like You Mean ItShirley Simms
G5.Papa Was A RodeoShirley Simms
H1.Epitaph For My Heart
H2.Asleep And Dreaming
H3.The Sun Goes Down And The Wor...
H4.The Way You Say Good-NightLD Beghtol
H5.Abigail, Belle Of Kilronan
H6.I Shatter
I2.It's A CrimeDudley Kludt
I3.Busby Berkeley Dreams
I4.I'm Sorry I Love YouShirley Simms
I5.Acoustic GuitarClaudia Gonson
J1.The Death Of Ferdinand De Sau...
J2.Love In The Shadows
J3.Bitter TearsLD Beghtol
J4.Wi' Nae Wee Bairn Ye'll Me Beget
J5.Yeah! Oh, Yeah!Claudia Gonson
J6.Experimental Music Love
K2.Love Is Like A Bottle Of Gin
K3.Queen Of The Savages
K4.Blue YouDudley Kludt
K5.I Can't Touch You Anymore
K6.Two Kinds Of People
L1.How To Say Goodbye
L2.The Night You Can't Remember
L3.For We Are The King Of The Bo...LD Beghtol
L4.Strange EyesShirley Simms
L5.Xylophone TrackClaudia Gonson
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