Jingles From U.S.A. (Volume 3)

Label: BCM Records
Art.Nr.: a0711945
Kat.Nr.: B.C. 33-2032-45
Cover: Picture
Format: LP
Pressung: DE - Original

Zustand: 2nd Hand
Non-Music + Pop & Various
Various - Jingles From U.S.A. (Volume 3)
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A1.Spell Scratch00:32
A2.Ride Burp -P-P-P00:17
A3."Quick" Burp -P-P-P00:12
A4.Apocalypse 200100:50
A5.Get-Up And Dance00:20
A6.Hot Passion00:44
A7.Love Trrain00:30
A8.Helter Skelter Sex00:24
A9.Crazy Countdown00:12
A10.Heavy Breathing March00:42
A11.Countdown Fast00:09
A12.Bumper 9 - Number 901:05
A13.9 Rebmun00:32
A14.Waltz Time00:10
A15.1.000.000 Dollar Auction00:46
A16.Space Laugh00:11
A17.Video Ambiance - Lunar Landing01:06
A18.Video Ambiance - Crazy Climb00:28
A19.Ant Boat00:26
A20.Beep Beep00:10
A21.Hords Of Fury00:35
A22.Horse Panic00:48
A23.Snoring Stallions00:54
A24.Count Down Slow00:12
A25.French Robot Command00:22
A26.Number One00:23
A27.New Number One + Echo00:23
A29.Marylin Monroe00:48
A30.Crazy Duck00:10
B1.U S A00:14
B2.USA - The Best Music For You00:42
B3.USA - Import00:12
B4.New Wave Factory00:23
B5.Le Disco, Ca Trompe Enormement00:30
B6.Crying Girl (Slow)00:12
B7.Happy Chicken00:08
B8.Swinging Dog00:17
B9.I Wanna Sleep With You Tonigh...00:42
B10.I'll Miss You Tonight00:17
B11.English Robot Command00:09
B12.English Robot Command (Bis)00:06
B13.10 O'Clock00:04
B14.11 O'Clock00:06
B15.12 O'Clock00:06
B16.1 O'Clock00:07
B17.2 O'Clock00:08
B18.La Musica00:26
B19.Hitsville - Ghosttown00:17
B20.Hitsville - Discotown00:18
B21.Dolphin Show00:19
B22.La Fraicheur Du Son00:42
B23.Radio, That's The Best00:25
B24.Radio Flash Part One (2 x Jin...00:20
B25.Radio Flash Part Two (5 x Jin...00:51
B26.Flash Information00:10
B28.The "Good Morning" One00:30
B29.Funkytown (Short)00:06
B30.Funkytown (Long)01:22
B32.W.C. + Echo00:23
B33.W.C. Suicide00:26
B35.Scratch Dance00:24
B36.Dance Des Scratch00:20
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