Naked Swedes

Art.Nr.: 0952483
Kat.Nr.: JAKARTA075 / DVSGJ074
Jahr: 2014
Cover: Picture
Format: 2LP
Pressung: EU - Original

Zustand: Neu
Hip Hop / Rap + Broken Beats / Headz
Looptroop Rockers - Naked Swedes
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The infamous old hand band from Sweden has never been your average rap group. In the past (almost) two decades they constantly proved that they are all about living for the music paired with a distinct political
conscious about local as well as worldwide issues.
On their 6th album „Naked Swedes“, that will be released this October on Jakarta Records, Cosmic, Supreme, Embee and Promoe go in on current topics like the horrible and racist treatment of refugees by the European
Union and international weapon trade as well as reflections on the past 16 years of working together and life in general: The mistakes made and the lessons learned. Their conclusion? No regrets.
„What a beautiful mistake, cus i would do the same one today // with all the high and lows, i'd never want it different“
Looptroop Rockers have once more reinvented them self without abandoning their roots. On „Naked Swedes“ this comes in the form of the Northern Soul referrences in „Slippin“, They might have gotten older but not
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A1.Line Check02:14play
A2.Naked Swedes04:24play
B1.Ugly Face03:04play
B2.Another Love Song04:14play
B3.Tonight You Decide04:35play
C2.Sea Of Death05:06play
C3.Four Numbers02:17play
D1.We Got Guns04:01play
D2.Beautiful Mistake03:45play
D3.The Maschine04:39play
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