Between Now And Now / A Long And Silent Street (CD)

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Art.Nr.: 09536809
Kat.Nr.: VinDig191-1
Jahr: 2016
Cover: Picture
Format: CD
Pressung: DE - Original

Zustand: Neu
EXCLUSIVES + Downtempo / Downbeat + Hip Hop / Rap + Black Grooves + Jazz + Instrumentals + Deutschland + CDs
Don Philippe (Freundeskreis) - Between Now And Now / A Long And Silent Street (CD)
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Vinyl Digital Exclusive

Don Philippe, known as a producer of Freundeskreis - one of the most successful German rap crews ever - never lost his feeling for great music. Now he is back with his first solo release: Between Now and Now and A Long and Silent Street. This instrumental hip-hop release definitely stands out and is the right choice for everyone who loves soulful and jazz-inspired music. Don't miss it!

Cover artwork by Bruno Müller Meyer | Layout & Editing by Alex Brade

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Wenige Exemplare auf Lager - schnell bestellen!
CD-1.Between Now And Now Don Philippe 02:40play
CD-2.Between I Am And You Are Don Philippe 03:12play
CD-3.The Image Don Philippe 01:19play
CD-4.The WordDon Philippe 02:11play
CD-5.BridgeDon Philippe 03:00play
CD-6.Entering It Don Philippe 02:01play
CD-7.You Enter Yourself Don Philippe 02:43play
CD-8.The World Connects Don Philippe 02:52play
CD-9.Closes Like A Ring Don Philippe 01:37play
CD-10.Frome One Bank To AnotherDon Philippe 01:20play
CD-11.There Is Always A Body Don Philippe 01:17play
CD-12.Stretched Don Philippe 01:46play
CD-13.A Rainbow Don Philippe 02:17play
CD-14.I Will Sleep Don Philippe 03:04play
CD-15.Beneath Its Arches Don Philippe 02:34play
CD-16.A Long And Silent Street Don Philippe 02:26play
CD-17.I Walk In Blackness Don Philippe 02:06play
CD-18.I Stumble And Fall And Rise Don Philippe 02:53play
CD-19.My Feet Trample The Silent St...Don Philippe 01:34play
CD-20.Someone Behind Me Tramples An...Don Philippe 02:07play
CD-21.If I Slow Down, He Slows Don Philippe 02:10play
CD-22.If I Run, He RunsDon Philippe 02:34play
CD-23.I Turn: Nobody Don Philippe 01:59play
CD-24.Everything Is Dark And DoorlessDon Philippe 02:19play
CD-25.Only My Steps Aware Of Me Tur...Don Philippe 02:09play
CD-26.Among These Corners Don Philippe 02:16play
CD-27.Leading Forever To The Street Don Philippe 02:15play
CD-28.Where Nobody Waits For Me Don Philippe 02:26play
CD-29.Where Nobody Follows Me Don Philippe 02:27play
CD-30.Where I Pursue A Man Don Philippe 02:58play
CD-31.Who Stumbles And Falls And Ri...Don Philippe 00:57play

Don Philippe - The World Connects

Don Philippe (from Freundeskreis) - Bridge

From One Bank To Another

Don Philippe - If I Slow Down, He Slows

Don Philippe - Where Nobody Waits For Me

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