Label: Vinyl Digital
Art.No.: 0800326
Cat.No.: VinDig233
Year: 2017
Cover: Picture
Format: LP
Pressing: DE - Original

State: New
EXCLUSIVES + Instrumentals + Beat Art + Downtempo / Downbeat
Shag - Flyrule
2 Ratings

Vinyl Digital Exclusive: Limited Edition of 300 golden colored Copies!

Shag made something special and created a cool new twist to an already nostalgic composition of music. This compilation of Zelda tunes defined the childhood of the young producer and he spent countless hours surrounding himself in the game and it's music. Check out the great homage and vinyl debut by Shag! 

Artwork by Micha Quär. 

Vinyl LP Only Vinyl
16,95 €*
Definetly sold out
Vinyl LP + Digital Vinyl + Digital Vinyl + Digital
18,95 €*
Definetly sold out
A1.Title ThemeShaq03:54play
A2.Forest TempleShaq03:54play
A3.Zelda's LullabyShaq04:24play
A4.Gerudo ValleyShaq04:22play
A5.Lost WoodsShaq02:37play
B1.Bolero Of FireShaq02:58play
B2.Spirit TempleShaq04:48play
B3.Twinrova ThemeShaq04:08play
B4.Songs Of Storms (The Windmill)Shaq02:42play
B5.Sheik's ThemeShaq02:45play
B6.Bonus TrackShaq01:59play
2 Ratings
Douwe writes: Time: 18:10 Date: 19.10.2017 Rating:  5
2017-10-19 18:10:18 Flyrule from 16,95 €
Oh my Gah! This is some amazing record, good sound quality and while music is subjective, if you enjoyed playing that sweet Ocarina in Ocarina of Time, you sure wíll love this! It's hiphop beats with zelda influences! Damn!
The color of the vinyl just happens to be the same golden color as the old NES and N64 cartridges of the Zelda series, I found that to be a nice touch.
I'd recommend buying this if you love Zelda OoT and beats.
John writes: Time: 19:12 Date: 25.07.2017 Rating:  5
2017-07-25 19:12:35 Flyrule from 16,95 €
The album is top quality and I would recommend it to anyone looking for chill and/or video game based music.

The gold colored vinyl is also very nice looking and the outer jacket is also decent looking.
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