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Hi-Hat Club - Collector's Box Set Vol. 1-7

( twit one - suff daddy - hulk hodn - full crate - fid mella - dexter - brenk )

Label: Melting Pot Music
Art.Nr.: 09533927
Kat.Nr.: MPM205_CBS
Jahr: 2015
Cover: BOX
Format: 7LP BOX
Pressung: DE - Original

Zustand: Neu
Instrumentals + Deutschland + Hip Hop / Rap + Beat Art + BOX-Sets + Vinyl-Boxen
Various - Hi-Hat Club - Collector's Box Set Vol. 1-7

Limited to 300 copies!

Visit the Hi-Hat Club

The Hi-Hat Club Collecter's Box Set consists of 7 LPs (Hi-Hat Club Vol.1-7: Testiculo Y Uno aka Twit One & Hulk Hodn, Suff Daddy, Dexter, Brenk Sinatra & Fid Mella, Full Crate & FS Green, DJ Adlib, Knowsum) packaged in a hardcover box made of heavy cardboard. The box houses 10 Lps in total.
A photo of Twit One's legendary now defunct Treehouse Studio, shot by Robert Winter in 2009, adorns the front side. The box set also includes 7 collector card stickers with the album covers of volume 1 - 7.
On the back you have 9 blank fields where you can paste the collector card sticker from every album that you own. The forthcoming volumes 8 and 9 will come with collector card stickers too. The box is designed by Chicken George and is limited to 300 copies. It is only available at selected independent record stores. You cannot order it from Amazon.

316mm (L) x 318mm (W) x 42mm (H)

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Vinyl 7LP BOX Only Vinyl
119,95 €*
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Vinyl 7LP BOX + Digital Vinyl + Digital Vinyl + Digital
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A1.One For BandiniTwit One01:38play
A2.Ahab Vs. TarantulaTwit One02:05play
A3.MariquitaTwit One01:42play
A4.Dirty FaceTwit One01:57play
A5.3rdTwit One02:03play
A6.WindyridgeTwit One02:21play
A7.DiplomaTwit One02:16play
A8.StereostalkerTwit One00:54play
B1.AutumnHulk Hodn02:29play
B2.DeetermeterHulk Hodn01:07play
B3.EssicatiHulk Hodn01:26play
B4.RawissueHulk Hodn01:57play
B5.DontstartnoshiatHulk Hodn00:33play
B6.LaterHulk Hodn02:06play
B7.Orto MioHulk Hodn01:24play
B8.StinkendeleicheHulk Hodn00:57play
B9.WedoeverydayHulk Hodn01:31play
B10.SandigHulk Hodn01:45play
B11.TemptationHulk Hodn02:36play
C1.Up In This MuthafuckaSuff Daddy01:40play
C2.AndrosSuff Daddy01:00play
C3.Now That You're MineSuff Daddy01:57play
C4.Chinatown ChillSuff Daddy02:42play
C5.The PaperSuff Daddy02:03play
C6.VicesSuff Daddy01:10play
C7.DaddySuff Daddy02:06play
C8.Join The ClubSuff Daddy02:45play
C9.D.I. LuvSuff Daddy01:00play
C10.Anti SwaggerSuff Daddy02:34play
D1.Like ThatSuff Daddy02:22play
D2.CreepinSuff Daddy01:36play
D3.S.EX. (Suff Experiment)Suff Daddy02:33play
D4.Isley InterludeSuff Daddy00:22play
D5.Sip LiquorSuff Daddy01:27play
D6.High LifeSuff Daddy03:19play
D7.One For RawlsSuff Daddy02:02play
D8.Suff In ChinaSuff Daddy01:32play
D9.Chocolate MountainSuff Daddy02:08play
D10.LottahydroSuff Daddy01:34play
E1.The FutureDexter02:17play
E3.One For YusefDexter02:52play
E4.Heavy HornsDexter02:46play
E5.Spaceways Dexter01:09play
E6.Astro ThoughtsDexter01:57play
E8.Sonny RayDexter02:21play
E9.Deep In The JujuDexter01:54play
F2.Tune After TuneDexter02:01play
F3.WR Anybody?Dexter01:13play
F5.Raw JazzDexter02:22play
F6.Sounds Great LesDexter02:18play
F7.Swing Is A MustDexter02:30play
F8.P.O. Box 450, NY 19, NYDexter01:59play
G1.Intro TransformationBrenk01:08play
G2.Don't Fight ItBrenk02:07play
G3.Sign SkitBrenk00:40play
G4.Cannibal LoveBrenk02:01play
G5.Concrete JungleBrenk02:11play
G6.Concrete Jungle SkitBrenk00:35play
G7.Anutha JournayBrenk01:37play
G8.Can't Stop InterludeBrenk00:35play
G9.Don't Beat Your Wife Every NightBrenk01:59play
G10.Crum BreakBrenk00:38play
G11.Ole Woam 2 (Aus Kaisamühn In ...Brenk02:59play
G12.Spread His Name OutroBrenk00:44play
H1.IntroFid Mella01:16play
H2.ReadyFid Mella01:19play
H3.The GameFid Mella01:34play
H4.WormsFid Mella01:58play
H5.AmateursFid Mella00:59play
H6.Ha Ha HaFid Mella02:11play
H7.At The Chop ShopFid Mella02:08play
H8.Toni's ThemeFid Mella00:33play
H9.Bada BingFid Mella01:05play
H10.FolliniFid Mella02:06play
H11.1, 2, 3Fid Mella00:39play
H12.OutroFid Mella01:27play
I1.Pick A StarFS Green03:59play
I2.TroopercatFS Green02:27play
I3.MonoshowFS Green02:49play
I4.Tycoon ThugFS Green02:19play
I5.AwesomeFS Green03:48play
I6.1 UpFS Green02:19play
I7.Eggs And PancakesFull Crate,...03:15play
J1.ThursdayFull Crate03:48play
J2.Never NeverFull Crate02:36play
J3.Bobby & MelindaFull Crate03:15play
J4.Falling FlutesFull Crate01:52play
J5.CrackFull Crate02:58play
J6.InspirationsFull Crate03:04play
J7.To The FloorFull Crate,...02:25play
K1.EnterDJ Adlib02:28play
K2.1.2 Yo!DJ Adlib03:34play
K3.For ShoreDJ Adlib02:56play
K4.WineBlack Spade...DJ Adlib03:21play
K5.BurdsDJ Adlib02:12play
K6.Electric CarsDJ Adlib02:11play
K7.Alex HarveyDJ Adlib03:30play
L1.LordamercyDJ Adlib02:48play
L2.U & IDJ Adlib02:05play
L3.StreetsPlanet AsiaDJ Adlib04:11play
L4.Ice ColdDJ Adlib02:26play
L5.Bang It OutFrank NittDJ Adlib03:02play
L6.UschiAdi Dick, H...DJ Adlib02:42play
L7.Been Around The WorldDeclaimeDJ Adlib03:43play
M1.Impure PrologueKnowsum01:18play
M6.BubblesSalami Rose...Knowsum03:48play
M8.Homo MomentusKnowsum01:49play
N4.Fruit Of The DoomKnowsum01:36play
N5.Tesserakt Pt. 2Knowsum02:21play
N9.Quiet EpilogueJean-Foucau...Knowsum02:30play

Testiculo Y Uno (Hulk Hodn and Twit One) - One For Bandini & Sandig

Suff Daddy - Suff Draft (Hi-Hat Club Vol. 2 Snippet)

Dexter - The Future/ Sounds Great Les (Official Video)

Brenk X Fid Mella - Chop Shop / Hi-Hat Club Vol. 4 (Snippet)

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