Label: Ipecac Recordings
Art.Nr.: 0552569
Kat.Nr.: IPC-166
Jahr: 2014
Cover: BOX
Format: 5LP + TAPE BOX
Pressung: US - Original

Zustand: Neu
Tapes + Beat Art + Leftfield / Ambient + Experimental / Abstract + Electronic + Rock / Indie + Alternative / Indie + Classic Rock + Metal + Psychedelic / Postrock + Pop & Various + Klassik + Non-Music + Tapes & CDs + BOX-Sets + Vinyl-Boxen
Fantômas - Wunderkammer
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Released in a "cabinet" with a printed wrap-around paper band. The cassette is packaged in a slipcase, which in turn is packaged in a larger, LP-sized box. Delirivm Cordia is presented in a gatefold sleeve while the other albums are in standard sleeves. All albums contain black inner sleeves and entirely new artwork. This was originally intended for release on November 28th, 2014 as part of Record Store Day's Black Friday, but was delayed due to production issues. The outer band still features a Record Store Day.com logo. 
Catalog number on outside of cabinet and label's website: IPC-166 
Catalog number on outer band: IPC166 
Cassette catalog number on cassette: IPC-166-1 
Cassette catalog number on spine: IPC 166-1 
Cassette subtitle on cassette and slipcover: "Book 1 Sketches" 
Cassette subtitle on outer band: "Book One Sketches" 
The durations printed on the cassette slipcase (and given above) are inaccurate. 
"Delirivm Cordia" appears correctly on the spine of its gatefold but is misspelled "Delirivum Cordia" on the labels, the outer band, and the front and back of the gatefold. 
"Fantômas" is misspelled "Fantomas" on all LP spines. 
Fantômas: Recorded at Brilliant Studios, San Francisco. Mixed at Different Fur, San Francisco. Mastered at Fantasy Studios, Berkeley. Mal Di Gola/ascap 
The Directors Cut: Recorded and mixed at Grandmaster Recorders, Hollywood. Assisted by Magnum DI from Hook Studios, Studio City, and Toji-Division Hi-Fi, San Francisco. Mixed at Sunset Sound Factory, Hollywood. Mastered at Fantasy Studios, Berkeley. 
Delirivm Cordia: Recorded and mixed at the Sound Factory, Hollywood. Mastered at Oasis Mastering. 
Suspended Animation: Recorded and mixed at the Sound Factory, Hollywood. Mastered at Oasis Mastering., LA. [sic] Mal Di Gola (ASCAP) 
Vinyl 5LP + TAPE BOX Only Vinyl
89,95 €*
Lieferbar in 2 bis 3 Wochen
Vinyl 5LP + TAPE BOX + Digital Vinyl + Digital Vinyl + Digital
115,95 €*
Lieferbar in 2 bis 3 Wochen
.Fantômas – Book 1 Sketches
01.Page 1
02.Page 2
03.Page 3
04.Page 4
05.Page 5
06.Page 6
07.Page 7
08.Page 8
09.Page 9
10.Page 10
11.Page 11
12.Page 12
13.Page 13
14.Page 14
15.Page 15
16.Page 16
17.Page 17
18.Page 18
19.Page 19
20.Page 20
21.Page 21
22.Page 22
23.Page 23
24.Page 24
25.Page 25
26.Page 26
27.Page 27
28.Page 28
29.Page 29
30.Page 30
A10.Page TenMike Patton
A11.Page ElevenMike Patton
A12.Page TwelveMike Patton
A13.Page ThirteenMike Patton
A14.Page FourteenMike Patton
A15.Page FifteenMike Patton
B10.Page TwentyfiveMike Patton
B11.Page TwentysixMike Patton
B12.Page TwentysevenMike Patton
B13.Page TwentyeightMike Patton
B14.Page TwentynineMike Patton
B15.Page ThirtyMike Patton
I10.04/10/05 Sunday
I11.04/11/05 Monday
I12.04/12/05 Tuesday
I13.04/13/05 Wednesday
I14.04/14/05 Thursday
J10.04/24/05 Sunday
J11.04/25/05 Monday
J12.04/26/05 Tuesday
J13.04/27/05 Wednesday
J14.04/28/05 Thursday
J15.04/29/05 Friday
J16.04/30/05 Saturday
LP-02.The Directors Cut
LP-A1.Page OneMike Patton
LP-A2.Page TwoMike Patton
LP-A3.Page ThreeMike Patton
LP-A4.Page FourMike Patton
LP-A5.Page FiveMike Patton
LP-A6.Page SixMike Patton
LP-A7.Page SevenMike Patton
LP-A8.Page EightMike Patton
LP-A9.Page NineMike Patton
LP-B1.Page SixteenMike Patton
LP-B2.Page SeventeenMike Patton
LP-B3.Page EighteenMike Patton
LP-B4.Page NineteenMike Patton
LP-B5.Page TwentyMike Patton
LP-B6.Page TwentyoneMike Patton
LP-B7.Page TwentytwoMike Patton
LP-B8.Page TwentythreeMike Patton
LP-B9.Page TwentyfourMike Patton
LP-C1.The Godfather
LP-C2.Der Golem
LP-C3.Experiment In Terror
LP-C4.One Step Beyond
LP-C5.Night Of The Hunter (Remix)
LP-C6.Cape Fear
LP-C7.Rosemary's Baby
LP-C8.The Devil Rides Out (Remix)
LP-C9.Spider Baby
LP-D1.The Omen
LP-D2.Henry: Portrait Of A Serial K...
LP-D5.Investigation Of A Citizen Ab...
LP-D6.Twin Peaks: Fire Walk With Me
LP-I2.04/02/05 Saturday
LP-I3.04/03/05 Sunday
LP-I4.04/04/05 Monday
LP-I5.04/05/05 Tuesday
LP-I6.04/06/05 Wednesday
LP-I7.04/07/05 Thursday
LP-I8.04/08/05 Friday
LP-I9.04/09/05 Saturday
LP-J1.04/15/05 Friday
LP-J2.04/16/05 Saturday
LP-J3.04/17/05 Sunday
LP-J4.04/18/05 Monday
LP-J5.04/19/05 Tuesday
LP-J6.04/20/05 Wednesday
LP-J7.04/21/05 Thursday
LP-J8.04/22/05 Friday
LP-J9.04/23/05 Saturday

The Godfather

The Omen

Rosemary`s Baby

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