Continente Nero

Label: Omicron
Art.Nr.: 0452245
Kat.Nr.: LPS 033
Jahr: 1975
Cover: Picture
Format: LP
Pressung: EU - Reissue

Zustand: Neu
Future Jazz / Acid Jazz + Black Grooves + Folk / Country + Jazz
Piero Umiliani - Continente Nero
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2016 Reissue, originally released in 1975

Occasionally, arrangers and bandleaders with ties to the Exotica genre revisit a certain sound or idea, not necessarily due to pressure from the upper floors of a record label or in order to cash in, but rather because there has not been said everything about a topic. This admittedly overly romantic and naïve approach culminates in clarinetist and composer Robert Drasnin’s Voodoo! (1959) which sees a resurrection a mere 48 years later in the shape of Voodoo II, a record for the Guinness Book that stands out in the realms of Exotica and is unlikely to ever be repeated, let alone beaten. By contrast, the impetus of Italian composer and film scorer Piero Umiliani (1926–2001) revisiting a specific theme is much smaller, albeit welcome.


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A1.RivoluzionariPiero Umiliani
A2.Nel VillaggioPiero Umiliani
A3.Nuove Realta'Piero Umiliani
A4.Antiche TradizioniPiero Umiliani
A5.Nuovi FermentiPiero Umiliani
A6.Sole PercussioniPiero Umiliani
A7.Piffero AfricanoPiero Umiliani
A8.Continente NeroPiero Umiliani
B1.RiscossaPiero Umiliani
B2.Ultimo StregonePiero Umiliani
B3.Continente NeroPiero Umiliani
B4.PreparativiPiero Umiliani
B5.OasiPiero Umiliani
B6.TribalismoPiero Umiliani
B7.Giorno Di MercatoPiero Umiliani
B8.Flauto AfricanoPiero Umiliani


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