Label: Tartelet
Art.Nr.: 0953166
Kat.Nr.: TARTALB005
Jahr: 2015
Cover: Picture
Format: 2LP
Pressung: EU - Original

Zustand: Neu
Downtempo / Downbeat + Beat Art + Electronic + Electro + Broken Beats / Headz
Glenn Astro - Throwback
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Essen's own Glenn Astro has called his first album Throwback, and the name is at once a perfect fit and not nearly the extent of the story. On the one hand, Astro has filled the double-LP with a wealth of old-school gestures and textures—the warm whoosh of analog synths, the rattle of Rhodes tines and the sizzle of jazzy drums, all held together by the comforting glue of tape hiss and vinyl crackle. If you're used to the clean sonic lines and stylistic streamlining of so much contemporary house music, then Throwback is sure to feel less like a record you just pulled out of plastic wrap than a well-seasoned one salvaged from a flea market or unfinished basement.

Vinyl 2LP Only Vinyl
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A1.GonevilleMax Graef03:28play
A2.Computer Killer04:55play
A3.Throwback (album cut)04:37play
A4.Shit iz Real01:02play
B1.(Forgotten Intro) 4 my peeps03:14play
B3.You Can't Groove04:24play
B4.To the Beat Interloot00:48play
C1.Still Shining03:09play
C2.Kilometer DiscoMax Graef04:47play
D1.One for Viktor04:37play
D2.Long Live Human (One for Sveta)02:43play
D3.A Bit Warmer05:43play
D4.Brother T (Greeting to Rasho)01:30play


Shit Iz Real

Keine Bewertungen

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