Label: Jakarta
Art.Nr.: 0951318
Jahr: 2013
Cover: Picture
Format: LP
Pressung: DE - Original

Zustand: Neu
Broken Beats / Headz + Beat Art + Exotic Grooves + Dub + Black Grooves + Soul
Lord Echo - Curiosities
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Lord ECHO from Black Seeds & Fabolous/Arabia with a follow up to his debut“Melodies”(2010).
Lord Echo aka Mike Fabulous finally is back with his second album "Curiosities". His debut album "Melodies" took the organic groove world in a storm and turned into a classic-item in little to no time. The vinyl edition was selling for up to 100$ on Ebay until it got repressed just recently.
Lord Echo is guitarist and producer for bands such as The Black Seeds, The Recloose Band & Fabulous/Arabia (you remember their incredible album on Jakarta Records last year?). His music is a roaring romp through his crazy world of sound, a magical, meandering journey through Afro–disco, Soul Reggae, Latin boogie and Ethio–Jazz.
On "Curiosities", Echo is joined by a plethora of notable colleagues from every Newszealand band you can imagine (e.g. The Black Seeds, Fat Freddys Drop, Electric Wire Hustle), but in the end it's all about Echo! 
His remarkable talents are everywhere in abundance. The studio boffin has put down his soldering iron and picked up his tambourine in order to create a mighty album of towering tunes. Be it the wonderful Reggae infused vocal cut "Molten Lava" featuring Leila Adu on the vocals, or the funky instrumental dancer "Digital Haircut", Lord Echo manages to connect with the sound niche he carved for himself with "Melodies" without being redundant. 
Another classic in the making.
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A1.Endless DawnLord Echo02:49play
A2.Bohemian IdolLord Echo05:54play
A3.Digital HaircutLord Echo03:41play
A4.Street KnowledgeLord Echo03:42play
A5.Molten LavaLord Echo04:20play
B1.Put It In My HeadLord Echo06:10play
B2.The Creator Has A Master PlanLord Echo04:06play
B3.Ghost HandsLord Echo04:18play
B4.What Is That FeelingLord Echo03:25play
B5.ArabesqueLord Echo04:13play
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