Jungle Brothers – Done By The Forces Of Nature

Get On Down
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Black Waxday 2016 + Hip Hop / Rap + RSD
Jungle Brothers - Done By The Forces Of Nature
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2016 Reissue - Get On Down Certified Classics!
(Repress of Black Friday - RSD 2016 Exclusive)

The Jungle Brothers’ 1988 debut, Straight Out The Jungle, was important for many reasons. It was sloppy and goofy but had moments of real focus and social consciousness. It was a true “kitchen sink” record, that caught a rap fanbase enraptured by Eric B. & Rakim, Public Enemy and Boogie Down Productions a bit off-guard. Also of note, beyond the excellence of the album itself, the Jungle Brothers were the fulcrum for what would become the Native Tongues movement – they came first, De La Soul and A Tribe Called Quest followed, under their guidance.

By 1989, the group had even more confidence, plus a Warner Bros. contract and advance in their back pocket. They used it to great advantage on the self-produced and criminally underrated Done By The Forces Of Nature, expanding their sonic palette and continuing their Afrocentric approach to music and life. Singles like “What ‘U’ Waitin’ 4” and “Doin’ Our Own Dang” (with De La and Q-Tip, alongside Monie Love) showed the group’s fun side, which has also lead the way in the “hip-house” movement. But things weren’t all fun and games, as deeper, more pensive album tracks like “Black Woman,” “Beeds On A String,” and “Acknowledge Your Own History” show. It was another accomplished mix of fun, frolic and knowledge-of-self, proving that you could be serious in the rap game but still let off steam and fill the dancefloor.

Done By The Forces Of Nature stands as one of the most cherished hip-hop documents of the late ‘80s among true-school heads, and this edition is the perfect way to revisit this classic thinking-man’s (and woman’s) rap platter. 

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A1. Beyond This WorldJungle Brot...04:08play
A2. Feelin' AlrightJungle Brot...03:32play
A3. SunshineJungle Brot...03:47play
A4. What "U" Waitin "4"?Jungle Brot...04:03play
B1. "U" Make Me SweatJungle Brot...03:54play
B2. Acknowledge Your Own HistoryJungle Brot...03:38play
B3. Belly Dancin' DinaJungle Brot...03:43play
B4. Good Newz Comin'Jungle Brot...04:38play
C1. Done By The Forces Of NatureJungle Brot...03:46play
C2. Beeds On A StringJungle Brot...03:34play
C3. Tribe VibesJungle Brot...03:53play
C4. J-Beez Comin' ThroughJungle Brot...03:33play
D1. Black WomanJungle Brot...03:52play
D2. In Dayz "2" ComeJungle Brot...03:56play
D3. Doin' Our Own DangDe La Soul,...Jungle Brot...04:17play
D4. Kool Accordin' "2" A Jungle B...Jungle Brot...01:57play
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