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Hip Hop / Rap
u-ziq, damage, autechre
dDamage - Radio Ape
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January 26, 2004, dDamage releases their third album: Radio Ape. It's the striking arrival of a monkey that imposes itself by its strength and power. Behind the name dDamage are two Frenchmen: Frederic and Jean-Baptiste Hanak, two brothers who will have the particularity of forming one of the most atypical and singular groups of the French musical landscape at the beginning of this century.At first sight, it seems quite delicate to classify the duo's creation in a particular genre, as their influences are so multifaceted. If Frederic hails from Hip-Hop background, Jean-Baptiste is more influenced by Rock: two different sensitivities that come together to create a work full of originality. Thus, we come across twisted hip-hop samples, tortuous electro layers, modified voices and hi-gain guitars. An album that could be an explosive mix between Autechre and Sonic Youth. It was therefore not surprising to see this record released in 2004 on " Planet-Mu ", home of Mike Paradinas (u-ziq), a glorious English school of "Intelligence Dance Music" and "breakbeat" who produced the likes of Venetian Snares, Luke Vibert or Richard D. James.Fiercely noisy, but nevertheless well rooted in the hip-hop movement, dDamage's music begins by puzzling, then ends by carrying the listener away. Thick and compact, the apparent brutality of Radio Ape often gives way to melodies that are just as absorbing and noticeable. This can be felt on some very moving tracks like "Liquid words", "Aeroplanes" or "Maeban". Radio Ape by dDamage is a complex universe, just like this very particular syntax that can be found in their name but also in the titles of the tracks: "I feel so BadD, Tsunamiii" and up to the visuals developed by Raoul Sinier and this monkey with an enigmatic smile that is well locked in our memories.Radio Ape is glitch by essence, an album that glorifies chaos and confusion. We are constantly torn between destruction and creation. Far from seeking perfection, dDamage strives in its experimentation to enhance...

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A1. Pressure
A2. Interlude
A3. Insects Are Human
A4. Liquid Words
A5. Aeroplanes
B1. Try Again
B2. Keedz
B3. Agueev
B4. Ink
C1. Maeban
C2. I Feel So Badd
C3. On Precinct 13
C4. Tsunamiii
C5. Intro
D1. Ghettoblaster Ape
D2. Ddistance
D3. Uzi
D4. Hydroplanes
D5. Iron Ape
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