Eligh – As They Pass

Audio Recon, Ooohh! Thats Heavy
AR1946 / OTH017

Picture Gatefold
US - Original
United States + Hip Hop / Rap
the righteous brothers, log cabin, living legends, grand tapestry, gandolf, g&e, 3 melancholy gypsys
Eligh - As They Pass
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2021 For The First Time On Vinyl!

25th Anniversary Limited Edition -  Individually Numbered Copies.

Heavyweight Black Double Vinyl in Cardboard-Gatefold Sleeve.

Eligh’s very first album “As They Pass” was released on cassette tape back in 1996. For the 25th year anniversary, He decided to make it available on vinyl for the first time ever.

“In 1996, I was 17, and was couch surfing due to my resistance to
9-5’s, or finishing school. I knew what I wanted in life, I wanted to make music. Everything else was a distraction. When I met The Grouch through a mutual friend, it wasn’t long before I was sleeping on his couch, in his moms basement, where As They Pass was recorded.

Grouch was kind enough to teach me how to use his ASR-10 sampler, and his 4-track, so when he would leave for work at his part time job, I would make beats, record them to the 4-track, write my lyrics, and record those as well. I made As They Pass during the moments Grouch wasn’t using his equipment. And all the features, are with my Living Legends compadres, who back then, were brand new friendships. This was a magical time. A time where I had zero income, but some how, lived off of the high of creating. Eventually learning through the guidance of my big brothers ( Mystik Journeymen ) that we needed no one but ourselves to make it.

Hard to imagine it’s been 25 years since I put out this hand made tape. Couldn’t think of a better way to honor this moment, than a beautifully made limited double vinyl release.” -Eligh

Only 1 per customer!

Vinyl 2LP Only Vinyl
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A1. Begintro
A2. Your Not Alone
A3. Moving 99
A4. Everyday
B1. On W.W.A.K.
B2. In A Quiet Manner
B3. Blue CollarLuckyiam.PSC
B4. On The Ave
C1. Turn Up The Bass
C2. Time Is Of The EssenceArata, Asop...
C3. It Was A MissionAsop, Yuki ...
C4. Blind Serenade
D1. The DragonMurs, The G...
D2. Technology
D3. Liquid Skies
D4. It Could Be YouAsop, Lucky...
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