Telemachus – Boring & Weird Historical Music

High Focus Records

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UK - Original
Hip Hop / Rap + UK / Britcore
paul white, jehst, jah mirikle
Telemachus - Boring & Weird Historical Music
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South London avant-garde producer Telemachus is set to release his new album ‘Boring & Weird Historical Music’ on 22nd May via High Focus Records. Picking up roughly where we left off in 2014 with his ‘Telemachus In Morocco’ album, this conceptual project combines a myriad of influences spanning Trip-Hop, Ambient, West African High Life, Dancehall, Jungle, Folk and Film Soundtracks.

‘Boring & Weird Historical Music’ is predominantly instrumental but does have a handful of collaborations with vocalists Killa P, Jerome Thomas, RHI, Penelope Oddity and Chris Belson. ‘I Am Delicious And Cute. So I Will Go Buy Again’ is a meditative journey upriver, whilst ‘Wickedest Ting’ completely flips the switch with a dancehall barrage from Killa P. Another highlight is the apocalyptic jazz of ‘Greed’ which features the remarkable neo-soul vocals of Jerome Thomas.

Growing up in South London at the turn of the millennium, a youthful Telemachus soaked up the frequencies of late-night Choice FM and underground pirate radio, falling deeply in love with Hip-Hop, Jungle, Dancehall, 2 Step and Grime. As a result, he fell into the UK Rap scene and went on to spend years producing under the pseudonym Chemo. Renowned as a hard worker with a keen ear for the unusual, Chemo could count cult icons such as; Jehst, Roots Manuva and High Focus Records as family.

His relationship with High Focus goes back many years and he has mixed and mastered almost all High Focus records to date as well as producing for Jam Baxter, Dirty Dike, Rag’n’Bone Man, Onoe Caponoe & TrueMendous amongst others. Outside of the label, Chemo has played a crucial part in pioneering the new generation of UK Rap and Hip-Hop and has been recognised consistently as one of the most prolific producers of his time.

During times of such uncertainty, music and its healing properties have become even more vital. ‘Boring & Weird Historical Music’ is a calming, curative and monumental 15 track journey through the mind of the enigma that is Telemachus. As he himself puts it: ‘the album certainly rewards a thorough and engrossed listen, but equally the general atmosphere is pleasant enough to play for your auntie when she comes for tea.’

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A1. Ungraceful Piano Sequencesplay
A2. Beaten GoldPenelope
A3. If You Look At Your Face,
B1. You Wanted To Eat A Handful
B2. Greed Jerome Thomasplay
B3. Disaster-Enabled Vending
B4. A Drizzle Of Vague Complimentsplay
C1. Wickedest Ting Killa Pplay
C2. Caroline What Is Wrong With You?play
C3. Trying 2 Be Tru 2 Vetruviusplay
C4. By The Moon Rhiplay
D1. Private Sufficiency, Public
D2. I Am Delicious & Cute. So I
D3. Battle Sequenceplay
D4. Fools GoldChris Belsonplay
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