Supa Sortahuman & Shawn Kemp – Supasonic

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Hip Hop / Rap + UVP
supa sortahuman, shawn kemp
Supa Sortahuman & Shawn Kemp - Supasonic
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Limited Edition of 420 Hand-Numbered Copies on Yellow Translucent with Green Splatter Coloured Vinyl.

TMR-4 was my label's first foray into hip-hop territory. I chose a project that I loved because of the rapper's smooth flow and the producer's next-level beatwork. You loved it -- so with TMR-6, we're doing it again.

I am extremely excited to release this record because it's one that I've been a fan of for a while, and I know many others are too.

TMR-6 is going to be Supasonic by Supa Sortahuman and Shawn Kemp. Previously only released digitally and via cassette, this is the first (and only) vinyl release. The cassette is nearly impossible to find, so this is one last chance to own this excellent record in a physical format.

Supa is a killer rapper from Alabama with a laser focused introspective flow that can ride any beat that's thrown at him. He's mastered the art of stoner rap and made his way with his own style. He's worked in lock-step with many equally talented peers in the community such as $uicideboy$ and Ghostemane -- and while he has many projects under his belt, Supasonic is my favorite. A big reason for that is because he teamed up with the incomprable Shawn Kemp, which happens to be the producing alias of none other than Lil Ugly Mane.

The project is Supa's first and foremost, but Shawn produced every song (with his signature, gorgeous, lush production style) and steps onto the tracklist twice to be featured as Lil Ugly Mane (in unique ways, you'll see if you're unfamiliar with the record) -- and the other features: Dizzy D and Jhi Ali are excellent as well.
As usual, this is going to be a single disk, double splattered LP containing the full Supasonic record, but I'm going to call this the definitive edition. The original album doesn't even cross the 30 minute mark as it's "all killer and no filler" but that doesn't mean there aren't some bonus tracks worthy of adding. This version contains 3 extra tracks:

1) Higher Than Fuck (featuring Lil Ugly Mane) - Another SS/SK collab from Supa's dope tape "Adventure Time"

2) Radiation Lung Pollution (2011) - An early version of one of my favorite cuts from Lil Ugly Mane's "Mista Thug Isolation" record. Supa was one of TWO features on that incredible record, sharing the honor with the legend Denzel Curry, and this version is unique and bangs in a new way while still feeling familiar to fans of the MTI version

3) Fuck That Shit (ft Snaxx) - An alt version of the album's final track with a unique feature

I'm including these on this release to flesh out the 12" as a full retrospective of the epic collaboration of Supa and Shawn Kemp. If you're a fan of either or both, you will not want to miss this in your collection.

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Vinyl LP + Digital Vinyl + Digital Vinyl + Digital
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A1. Ufo'inShawn Kemp
A2. Go AwayShawn Kemp
A3. Blazin UpShawn KempShawn Kemp
A4. InterludeShawn Kemp
A5. Ridin Thru The HoodDizzy DShawn Kemp
B1. Me & YouShawn KempShawn Kemp
B2. Fuck That ShitJhi AliShawn Kemp
B3. Higher Than FuckLil Ugly ManeShawn Kemp
B4. Radiation Lung Pollution (201...Shawn Kemp
B5. Fuck That Shit (1st Version)SnaxxShawn Kemp
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