Rahsheed & Ill Advised – Born To Use Mics 1996-1998 EP

Chopped Hering

12" EP
UK - Original
Hip Hop / Rap
masta ace, chopped herring
Rahsheed & Ill Advised - Born To Use Mics 1996-1998 EP
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Limited to 200 copies on black vinyl

"Rahsheed Gray was born in Philadelphia´s West Philly Section,  well-respected for it´s rappers and world class DJ´s like Cash Money,  Schoolly D, Jazzy Jeff & Fresh Prince, Steady B, Cool C, DJ Miz and many more of Hip Hop´s Elite.  It was just a matter of time before he began to take interest in the Hip Hop culture surrounding him, starting out by sneaking into basement parties and recording sessions with Brain “ Basun Beats “ Foster,  during the recording of the “Shawn G “ unreleased LP on RCA , which never came out due to his untimely passing in the early 1980`s.  The atmosphere surrounding his death and the music that was produced was very impactful on Rahsheed's rhyme style and method of writing.  After recording only 4 demo tapes , he was offered a deal by Cold Chillin Records supremo Marley Marl.  As he was only 13 and not wanting his education to suffer, his father turned down the deal.  Later in 1988 he formed a group named “ Foul Play" with his life-long friends “Mad Cune" and "Chief Da Sniper"and they began to record what would be the first of many demos tapes for “Stompp Down Records” , home to another well known Philly group "Double Image"  who at the time had a major record deal on NIA, also home to MC Shan.  With the guidance of the label owner and now manager of the group Bob Whiting, the boys were gaining momentum doing shows around the tri-state area and shopping the demos produced by DMC Champion “ DJ Miz" &  Foster.   After many attempts at getting a deal, the group was introduced to Newton Cohen & Zuri Edwards, who would later become the owners of  “Quake City Records “. Shortly after signing with the two , the other members from Foul Play decided to separate, leaving Rahsheed to begin his work with the “ High & Mighty  / Eastern Conference All Stars” in the early 1990´s.  While attending MIT in Boston, Mr. Eon and Milo Berger began a slew of collaborations with Rahsheed , among those would be the “Life I Live” 12" released in 1995.  Not long after, the All-Stars would drop several singles with Baby Blak and Mr. Lish , at the time known as Azz Backwadz. Being on the same record label, coming from West Philadelphia and with small budgets to record separately, it was the perfect idea to join the groups calling it “ Rahsheed & Ill Advised “.

Vinyl 12" EP Only Vinyl
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A1. Tracking Room
A2. On The Rise
A3. Wake Bake Records
A4. Break It DownFoul Play
B1. Born To Use MicsHigh & Mighty
B2. Late Night Mixing
B3. Chinese Food
B4. Studio A
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