Comptons Most Wanted
Music To Driveby (RSD 2018)

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Hip Hop / Rap + United States + RSD + RSD 2018
Comptons Most Wanted - Music To Driveby (RSD 2018)
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Record Store Day 2018 Release

There are West Coast classics, and then there is Music To Driveby, the third LP from the group that birthed MC Eiht: Compton’s Most Wanted. Although the group started in the late ‘80s with multiple MCs (including Tha Chill and Boom Bam), by 1992 Eiht was pulling the group’s vocal weight – supported by DJ Mike T on turntables and production – and even producing and co-producing tracks. Music To Driveby might lack beats-per-minute variety, but to fans that’s not a bad thing. Across the board, this is mid-tempo, super deep, funky hip-hop, made for cars creeping along boulevards across the West and South, and it’s about as good as it gets for such purposes. Just about filler-free, the album struts intensely and with purpose, as Eiht throws tales of Cali street life at fans for an hour straight, almost without a break.

This solo marathon is given a respite only once, with Scarface’s guest spot on “N 2 Deep,” an excellent hood roller supported by a soulful guitar lick sampled from Lyn Collins’ “Do Your Thing.” Elsewhere, Eiht rolls alone and intensely, on cuts like the classic smash single “Hood Took Me Under”; the album’s second single and Tim Dog attack “Who’s Fu**ing Who?”; the hometown big-up “Compton 4 Life”; and hustle tales like “Jack Mode” and “I Gots To Get Over.” After this album, Eiht released more classics under his own name, and with similar fan worship. It was the continuation of a legendary career and Music To Driveby still ranks high on anyone’s “West Coast Legends”  playlist.

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A1. IntroMC Eiht02:15play
A2. Hit The FloorDJ Slip03:41play
A3. Hood Took Me UnderMike T03:17play
A4. Jack ModeDJ Slip03:17play
A5. Compton 4 Life02:48play
A6. 8 Iz EnoughDJ Slip, Ma...03:44play
A7. Duck Sick IIDJ Slip03:40play
A8. Dead Men Tell No LiesDJ Slip, MC...03:51play
A9. N 2 DeepScarfaceDJ Slip01:19play
A10. Who's Xxxxing Who?Mike T00:28play
B1. HoodratThe Unknown DJ03:37play
B2. Niggaz StrugglinMC Eiht, Ma...04:05play
B3. I Gots To Get OverMC Eiht, Ma...03:33play
B4. U's A BitchThe Unknown DJ03:37play
B5. Another VictimThe Unknown DJ03:42play
B6. Def Wish IIThe Unknown DJ03:51play
B7. Music To DrivebyThe Unknown DJ03:31play
B8. This Is A GangDJ Slip03:35play

Compton's Most Wanted - Def Wish II

Compton's Most Wanted - Hood Took Me Under

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