Lito Akari – Time Is Only Space And Sky Is Not The Limit

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EU - Original
Hip Hop / Rap + Instrumentals
kuso gvki, dexter, cosmic void
Lito Akari - Time Is Only Space And Sky Is Not The Limit
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Limited Edition of 300 Copies on Space Black Vinyl!

Lito Akari’s debut album is the narrative of extraterrestrial life arriving on planet earth. Nothing will ever be the same. It’s a beat odyssey into the unknown through time and space of the infinite universe. 20 instrumental hip hop tracks with features from Apples, Dexter, DJ Vinylizt and Lazer. Mix and mastering by Dexter. Floating synthesizers and distorted tape deck sounds, atmospheric vocals over crackling vinyl and organic basses - Lito Akari creates weightlessness, infused with frilly drums, Lo-Fi beats drifting off to classic breaks and pumping West Coast vibes. The unconventional producer with German-Turkish roots blurs the boundaries between sample based production and life instrumentation. Fragmented sound recordings of contemporary witnesses lead through this experimental journey. The consistent mood of the concept album is also underlined visually with artwork and video art in his own handwriting.
Side A - Hybris The infinity of the universe. An extraterrestrial research mission emerges from a black hole - a passage between the worlds - and begins its travel to planet earth. One of the ships crashes upon arrival. The remaining spaceships explore the planet, abducting people for research purposes, leaving behind an array of astonishment and paranoia. UFO sightings are increasing, but the authorities deny it. Meanwhile, the aliens decode human biology and are able to create a hybrid: The Missing Link. The future is coming. 
Side B - Nemesis Suddenly, world order is falling apart, and faith in humanity is lost when the subsequent alien fleet arrives. Attempts to explain any and all of it, and conspiracy theories wind up in delusion, chaos, fear, pain and vanitas in the presence of the unknown and overpowering. The discovery of a black hole sparks new hope and enlightenment: Time Is Only Space And Sky Is Not The Limit. And so the newly united humanity begins a final journey. The story finds its end with the silence in the passage through space and time - or is the end just the beginning?

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A1. In The Stars
A2. Infinity
A3. Serendipity
A4. Gravity
A5. Terra Incognita
A6. In Limbo
A7. Paranoid Humanoid
A8. Amygdala
A9. The Missing Link Lazer
A10. Sun Gods
B1. Deus X Machina
B2. The New World Disorder Apples
B3. Neurona
B4. In Arcadia Dexter
B5. Akari ???
B6. Time Is Only Space
B7. And Sky Is Not The Limit
B8. The Passage
B9. Void
B10. The Present Is The Past Of Th...
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