Lee Perry & Mr. Green – Super Ape Vs Green: Open Door

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EU - Original
Hip Hop / Rap
damian marley, bob marley, augustus pablo
Lee Perry & Mr. Green - Super Ape Vs Green: Open Door
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Black Vinyl Edition - Limited to 650 Copies!

Tuff Kong Records presents a truly special and one of a kind project from the multi talented producers/artists Lee Scratch Perry and Mr. Green.  Using the same ethos as his popular #LivefromtheStreets series (as seen on VICE/ Noisey as well as Complex and Netflix) Mr. Green's goal was to do something that had never been done before.  Although at the surface the record is a standard 18-19 minute EP, digging deeper, listeners will find a sonic roller coaster that seamlessly combines over 20 different genres of music and styles.

"Super Ape vs. 緑: Open Door" includes some truly heavy hitters and cultural icons contributing vocals, including Sheek Louch (The Lox) , Daniel Son, HR (Bad Brains) and Eric"Scratch" Andre (Adult Swim, Disney's Lion King etc.) . Lee "Scratch" Perry is an iconic music producer, singer an inventor noted for his innovative studio techniques and a pioneer of the development of dub music with his early adoption of studio techniques. He has worked with and produced for a variety of fellow iconic artists such as Bob Marley, Beastie Boys and The Clash and was sampled by Kanye West for his production for Jay-Z’s “Lucifer.” He has been named by Paul McCartney as one of his greatest inspirations and included on Rolling Stone Magazine's list of the 100 most important musicians of all time. At the young-age of 83 years old, he still tours and headlines shows and festivals all over the planet.

Although Lee Scratch Perry began making music over fifty-years before Mr. Green, he maintains that Green is one of his inspirations and even may have helped launch his career, presumably through time travel, portals and Open Doors. "Are you ready out there for me?  I'm ready for you... Mr. Green, opens all the doors in the United States of America for me, so listen to our new project and the open door.”

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A1. Love Me In My Heart feat Eric...play
A2. Come Back Alone feat Sheek Louchplay
A3. Working For Godplay
A4. Streak Of Luck feat Daniel So...play
A5. Rantingplay
A6. Electric Energyplay
A7. Callalooplay
A8. Sleepytimeplay
A9. Hot Fireplay
A10. Love Me In My Heart (Instrume...play
A11. Come Back Alone (Instrumental)play
A12. Working For God (Instrumental)play
A13. Streak Of Luck (Instrumental)play
A14. Ranting (Instrumental)play
A15. Electric Energy (Instrumental)play
A16. Callaloo (Instrumental)play
A17. Sleepytime (Instrumental)play
A18. Hot Fire (Instrumental)play
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