Kev Brown – Homework (Colored Vinyl)


LP + 7"
US - Original
Hip Hop / Rap + United States
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Kev Brown - Homework (Colored Vinyl)
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Limited Edition Colored Vinyl + Bonus 7inch!

Breaking News! 

The DMV's own, Kev Brown has announced his first solo rap album since 2005. Hailing from Palmer Park in Landover, Maryland specifically, after a 13 year hiatus, the producer/MC has finally prepared the sophomore sequel to 2005's influential cult classic, "I Do What I Do.” Entitled, "Homework", KB and Redefinition Recs have partnered to release an LP the game has been missing for too long. Now 13 years is a long wait, but don't think Kev has been idle in obscurity. He has been involved with several collaborative projects, garnered tons of production credits and released over a half dozen beat tapes during that time frame. It is also important to note, that he was in no rush to drop another rap album and preferred to compose "Homework" organically and at his own pace, in the comforts of his own home; hence the title. 

Though Brown is known as one of Hip Hop's elite producers from heavyweights like Diamond D, Pete Rock, Busta Rhymes, Peter Rosenberg, 9th Wonder and Jazzy Jeff, he is a man of many hats. If you happen to meet him in person, he may be seen rocking a low pulled bucket hat, but he has been known toggle between titles of producer, MC, recording/mixing engineer, A&R and executive producer to boast a few. You might even catch him harmonizing on the occasional background vocal when he's inspired. To Kev's fans from all over world, they don't see a man of multiple hats, but a king wearing a crown. Even the likes of BJ Armstrong from Chicago Bulls first 3-Peat fame has been spotted publicly showing Kev's music appreciation. Kev has inspired thousands of aspiring fans as well as his peers. His trademark sound has been emulated over the last decade by so many artists and his sonic impact is very evident even among his contemporaries. 

It all started on the Akai MPC2000xl and the rest is history (It should be noted that Kev appeared in one of or possibly even the very first “beat making” videos ever posted on youtube way back in 05/06). Kev Brown's debut album was groundbreaking in so many areas that the recording itself and Kev is cemented as legendary. It would be no surprise that Hip Hop would ask for the next installment and he's nowhere near done leaving his mark. "Homework" is a seamless nonstop exhibition of KB's range. 

Kev raps confidently and wisely throughout the album's 27 tracks. yrically it's personal, introspective, comedic, observatory and witty delivered in Kev's smooth baritone style. Vocals are equally complimented by instrumentals all produced by the man himself and fluidly morph into instrumental compositions too good to be considered interludes. 

These days Kev produces on whatever he feels like. The album was composed using several different samplers and recording technologies, but the vibe is never compromised. Returning to his roots, this a very "Hip Hop" album. The drums are are hard, the recordings are unpolished, samples are obscure, manipulated and unrefined. 

"Homework" is the perfect game plan for today's climate. And for those who haven't, do your homework on this man. You won't be disappointed.

Vinyl LP + 7" Only Vinyl
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Vinyl LP + 7" + Digital Vinyl + Digital Vinyl + Digital
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A1. Introduction00:45play
A2. Still Triumphant02:31play
A3. Back Home01:15play
A4. Walkin' Thru Metro00:49play
A5. Headlining02:45play
A6. Tell Me About The Stuff00:55play
A7. Blueprint From The Masters01:38play
A8. We're Artistsss00:57play
A9. Non Destructive Chop01:36play
A10. Legato01:06play
A11. Look At The Way The World Move01:56play
A12. No Gimmicks01:24play
A13. Homework Part One02:12play
A14. Homework Part Two01:54play
B1. Put In A Lot Of Time01:53play
B2. Continue On02:56play
B3. The Buttery Hotness00:26play
B4. Superman III02:23play
B5. Gittin' Down 2 Bizness00:52play
B6. Everything You Need To Win01:31play
B7. Feelin'01:01play
B8. Like Dat01:32play
B9. Passion / Energy / Heart01:01play
B10. Change Takes Place02:12play
B11. Voltron02:04play
B12. Waiting For You01:33play
B13. I Know This Style00:54play
C1. Under-Rated03:14play
D1. Real LifeKaimbr04:06play
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