Junior Makhno – Party Discipline (Red Vinyl)


EU - Original
Hip Hop / Rap
roc marciano, mood, conway
Junior Makhno - Party Discipline (Red Vinyl)
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Limited edition of 100 copies on Red Vinyl!

Junior Makhno sounds like the name of a destructive experimental virus still being studied in an obscure laboratory. 
If the very first premises of danger appeared at the end of the 90's, it was not until 2007 that the first victim was declared: Junior Makhno had just won a remix contest organized by Dj Muggs (Cypress Hill) annihilating the other contestants. 
Since then the rhythmic flail has never ceased to spread over Hip Hop, 
Increasing its vigor beat after beat to finally cross the Atlantic and contaminate the albums of Ill Bill, Goretex (Non Phixion), Vinnie Paz, Jedi Mind Tricks, or Diabolic. 

No bling, no sung hooks. No attempt of smoothed arrangements. With his soviet synthesizers, his beats from beyond the grave in which you can imagine swinging scalps coming straight from forgotten B-movies and his oppressing loops carved in soul music and war brass; the Makhno style oozes the street as well as post-apocalyptic moods. 
Any emcee thinking about rapping over one of his productions must give up any idea of humming or murmuring sweet nothings. 

So, when the time to disclose his devastating beats to the world has finally arrived, Junior Makhno releases an album under his own name and rallies behind him a cohort of emcees ready to brutalize the instrumental, skin the bassline, hit the bars without looking back, without worrying about the damages done. 

Ill Bill and Diabolic are still involved, joigning new enthusiasts like Lateb, Chief Kamachi, Dirt Platoon, Vic Spencer, Vendetta Kingz, Planet Asia, IDE & Alucard, Esoteric & Vakill. 
Rhyming while being perfused by a deleterious infusion applied by Junior Makhno, becoming voluntarily the actors of the fourteen tracks of Party discipline. 
Fourteen tracks kept under pressure by Dj Djaz & Dj Nix'On, fourteen suffocating joints where even instrumental breaks don't allow to have a life-saving breath of fresh air. 

Hope has packed up. Disfigured, Boom bap is on its knees, ready to receive its lethal injection.

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A1. Call To ArmsDJ Djaz02:29
A2. Reversal Of Fortune Ill Bill02:37
A3. Stay Of ExecutionGoretex02:27
A4. Death WishLateb03:55
A5. Code Of The GuruChief Kamac...02:58
A6. Psychedelic InfluenceDirt Platoo...02:55
A7. Take The Power01:59
B1. Bodybag Mentality Vic Spencer03:10
B2. Brainwash Vendetta Kingz03:58
B3. 10 The Coup00:48
B4. GunmanPlanet Asia03:02
B5. The Same Tale ToldIDE & Alucard03:13
B6. Project Frontline01:40
B7. Show DisciplineDiabolic, E...03:57
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