J-Zone – Concussion Percussion

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Hip Hop / Rap + United States + DJ Tools / Battle Breaks
the du-rites, j zone, du rites, drumbreak
J-Zone - Concussion Percussion
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33 breaks deep + all kinds of random solos, commentary, skits, etc. This is for the VINYL LP. Again, VINYL LP ONLY! I've included a free courtesy download of a partial snippet tape, but for the full digital release, hit up The Drum Broker*.

*The sequences and selections on the vinyl have some differences from the digital version, including bonus cuts.

AGAIN, AGAIN and AGAIN for the nosebleed seats...THERE ARE NO DIGITAL DOWNLOADS WITH THE PURCHASE OF THIS RECORD BESIDES THE PARTIAL SNIPPET TAPE. Files and vinyl are separate for break records.

This is my fifth drumbreak collection (and sixth drum library overall). When I first began playing drums in 2011, I had no idea recreating my favorite breaks, coming up with my own and helping my music homies get around sample clearance would be my unorthodox entry into the world of drumming. After the first two volumes, I took a hiatus from the breakbeat thing to tour, play with bands (and start my own), rehearse and jam with other musicians a whole bunch and absorb the more traditional steps in a musician’s trip Until I paid those dues, I felt the breaks thing would be a hindrance. I soon discovered all those experiences actually made for better break records and with my stuff eventually being sampled by Danger Mouse, Madlib, Prince Paul, Alchemist and many more, I was inspired to get back to it. And with the Covid-19 pandemic still raging and an actual stage and crowd seeming eons away, why not go for five?!

This Concussion Percussion break LP is structured more like an album than my others. I felt a return to 12” LP format - the prior three volumes were 7”s - and adding some fixins would make this one stand out and be a more fun listen in full. I decided to use the longer format to include solos; to funny vignettes that touch on everything from IG sampling to tired beat world cliches; to unorthodox drum stuff; to drops from some of my favorite people (and clients). Even Chief Chinchilla shows up!

Ya’ll know the deal with these. I don’t have the bread to sue anyone and that’s not really my bag. But if you get a nice, thick sync or major label placement using my drums, do the classy thing and hit me up. I’m not draconian, my publishing is below and/or you can hire me for session work because that’s how players “due." But give me credit. Or a piece of the publishing. Buy me some cymbals or something. I can’t afford to call my lawyer for a cease and desist either because whenever the #boombap hashtag (sigh) comes out, you know ain't NO money comin' from a trial! And please don't advertise "featuring J-Zone" if you sample the drums - that's not a feature and I saw one of those recently! Just credit me in the song notes like a sane individual. Enjoy and keep it funky. - Jay 

Vinyl LP Only Vinyl
34,95 €*
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Vinyl LP + Digital Vinyl + Digital Vinyl + Digital
37,95 €*
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A1. Intro
A2. Oyster Sammich
A3. Mr. Lord Finesse
A4. Bottle O' Moet
A5. We Goin' To Sizzler!
A6. Friday The 13th
A7. Mallet Murder (Part I)
A8. The Evans Family TV Set
A9. Drug Rug
A10. Intoxicated Skull
A11. Caliente!
A12. The Jumpy Tambourine
A13. Dr. Boogie
A14. Manatee
A15. Groove Stuff
A16. Skippy N' Jif
A17. Mr. John Wicks / Drum Coffee
A18. Jive Ass Coffee
A19. Lou & Leo / Intermission
B1. Popcorn Ceiling
B2. Xylo-Crook
B3. Needles N' Pins
B4. Pseudo-Solo / Mr. Marco Polo
B5. Mallet Murder (Part II)
B6. Bill N' James' Excellent Adve...
B7. Old Soul
B8. Dribblin N' Droolin'
B9. A Badd Trip
B10. For Redd
B11. What Snare?!
B12. Headbuster
B13. Black Tube Sox
B14. Ride Or Die
B15. The Soul Stomper
B16. Ghostly Mood
B17. Komodo Dragon
B18. Truck Jewelry
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