Various – Hip Dozer - Compilation Vol. 5

Hip Dozer

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Various - Hip Dozer - Compilation Vol. 5
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Back in 2015, when we started Hip Dozer we were overwhelmed by the amount of talents that were still defending that old school way of doing beats and the amazing creativity that was circulating in the scene.

In a period of time where hip hop was evolving so much and getting always further (sometimes for the best but also for the worst), it appeared evident to us that we had to defend this rising scene of young beatmakers that were so tied up to the roots of the 'old-school' beatmaking but still bringing it to another level.

It has been 5 years since we have created Hip Dozer Records with our 1st Anniversary compilation and this is what makes this compilation such a special project every time. Its goal remains the same and will always be, championing the art of beatmaking that we love and help to showcase new artists from the scene.
This year we have the chance to have onboard some of our favorite new talent from the scene with the like of Burrito Brown, Loland, Imagiro, we also have the chance to have standard bearers like Jinsang, Saib, Flofilz, Melodisinfonie, Kazam, Shuko and, cherry on the cake, the french hip hop legend DJ Cam on top of that. 

We want to thank so much all the artists who took part in this project and that were as enthusiastic as we are in its realization. It’s been such a thrill since this venture started and this is just the beginning. Much love to all of you guys listening and supporting wherever you are. 

PEACE. Hip Dozer Fam.


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A1. Shuko & Hannah V - Do The Rig...
A2. Saib - City Lounge
A3. Sweatson Klank - Play The Sha...
A4. Konteks - Misty Harp
A5. Suff Daddy - Fertilized At Th...
A6. DJ Cam - Aquaverde
B1. Jinsang - Absence
B2. Leaf Beach - Coastline
B3. L?land - Taidana
B4. Burrito Brown - Ice Cream Sundae
B5. Melodiesinfonie - Akindstream
B6. Kazam - With You Feat. Type.Raw
B7. Flofilz & Digitalluc - Kompass
C1. Ol'burger Beats - Kaldt 2012
C2. V.Raeter - Dont Play With Birds
C3. Kreæm & Allan Broomfield - Ob...
C4. Yeyts. - In Between.
C5. Tesk & Sitting Duck - Letter
C6. Kupla & Tahmas - Drowsy
D1. Deauxnuts & Twotrees - Only U...
D2. Imagiro - Watching The Fog Lift
D3. Smoke Trees - Najana
D4. Less.People - Tragedy For Bre...
D5. No Spirit - It's All Good (Pr...
D6. Brillion - Lanterns
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