Psalm//Trees & Moose Dawa – Dreams From The Shore

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Psalm//Trees & Moose Dawa - Dreams From The Shore
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Radio Juicy proudly presents "Dreams From The Shore" the new collaborative album of two amazing rising producers Psalm Trees and Moose Dawa. Just by looking at the cover you can already feel the Summer vibes and the music will hit you like a fresh coastal breeze on the face. Close your eyes and hear the beautiful sound of the waves on the shore, the seagulls singing in the sky, and kids playing on the beach. Like a vivid dream, you can already smell the salty air. While you are packing, we got you covered with the perfect soundtrack. This Summer is gonna be wonderful and we made sure we brought you the music to chill to during this period!

Some things change throughout each season, others only bow to the hands of time. Dreams however are unique in this aspect, formulating in a few seconds what can feel like a lifetime. From the shores of two individual countries in Europe, each entrenched in their own cultures, history & ideals, a pair of beatmakers in their own right were put in touch by a mutual friend during the first touch of spring. As many slept, in their own singular cities, Moose Dawa & Psalm Trees passed notes to each other through the form of digital waves translating into sound.
What once was engraved in the grooves of dusty vinyl records was now being transmitted through the air, bouncing off the satellites hanging in space and back down to their singular locations. It was only after a few months that the pair had something to show for these long nights focused on translating their love of jazz into an album of their own. During the height of summer, Psalm Trees traveled to Moose Dawas' home town of Malmö, where work continued on the fruits of their labour; Digging deep into the record stores of both Denmark and Sweden itself., sampling both the rarities these two regions had to offer and also the wide variety of falafel spots which seemed to appear on every street they turned. The journey concluded in the port city of Rotterdam where the pair put the final touches to this release, getting it ready for it flow freely into the listeners ear.
Dreams From The Shore is the result of what can be achieved together from different parts of the world, transversing the barriers of language and societies norms into sound, reminding us that no matter where we are, like the sea we are always in some sense connected.
- Jullie Stein

The vinyl is a limited edition that feels so good to hold in your hands and sounds amazing thanks to perfect mastering!

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A1. Igw 2 CphMoose Dawa,...00:38
A2. No LiesAndras Szil...Moose Dawa,...02:08
A3. BlauwMoose Dawa,...01:46
A4. ChillMoose Dawa,...01:57
A5. Should I Go...Moose Dawa,...02:30
A6. Callin.Moose Dawa,...02:08
A7. TenderlyMoose Dawa,...01:59
A8. DrupeMoose Dawa,...02:03
A9. LovinyouMax WheelerMoose Dawa,...01:58
A10. She Left While I SleptMoose Dawa,...01:32
B1. Cph 2 AmsMoose Dawa,...00:41
B2. SomeoneMoose Dawa,...02:25
B3. ReleaseMoose Dawa,...02:24
B4. SoftaMoose Dawa,...01:44
B5. I Know U CanMoose Dawa,...02:38
B6. As I Dream On The ShoeMoose Dawa,...01:38
B7. Play This When She Breaks Up ...Moose Dawa,...01:55
B8. LonelyMoose Dawa,...01:50
B9. Changethis.Moose Dawa,...01:53
B10. EverynightMoose Dawa,...02:21
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