Fear And Loathing In Beats

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Various - Fear And Loathing In Beats
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Radio Juicy proudly presents Fear and Loathing in Beats, the 2019 edition, that marks a very special milestone as it's celebrating our 7 years anniversary! For this incredible occasion we had the pleasure of working with 50 artists to prepare this unbelievable project. When you compare our very first project the Fear and Loathing from 2012 to this one you'll see just how far we came and how much we've accomplished during this time. It has been such an incredible journey with over 80 releases and so many hours of absolutely incredible music. We have been blessed and we feel so grateful and lucky to be able to continue our dream and this is all thanks to you our amazing community and fan-base and to our artists that have been working real hard and poured their souls into the music that we are so proud to bring you regularly. 

Fear And Loathing In Beats is the way we've been feeling all this time, like a long trippy journey that is a dream from which we're never waking up of. Our success story is all entangled with our artists that also accomplished so much during this time. We've been on the edge ever since the beginning always trying to bring you innovation and fresh sound. We've always been trying so hard to be ahead of trends and thus setting new ones. Our main objective is to keep you always interested and cultivate your taste and inspiration. Because music is the pillar of self growth, the one universal concept that everyone on the planet has in common. It's the language of the soul, body and mind. 

Please enjoy this album, we hope you'll love it as much as we loved working on it. 

Please note: 
The vinyl edition is limited and comes in an incredibly well designed deluxe gatefolder.

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A1. Falib Plusma02:28
A2. At The Speed of LifeFigub Brazl...02:57
A3. Scions Devaloop & ...02:08
A4. SwayKenny Keys02:44
A5. Acrobatics HASH & 2LATE02:39
A6. Down to Earth Mr. Käfer02:33
A7. MorrowMax I Milli...02:33
A8. Incense Edo Lee x B...01:56
B1. Bubby's Lament j a r j a r...02:23
B2. Heatwave Philanthrop...01:41
B3. 3rd AvenueFloFilz & H...02:27
B4. Pathways leaf beach02:34
B5. Prism leavv & Psa...02:11
B6. Joy RideMr Slipz01:56
B7. knowmadic disconnect01:49
B8. SlipherBluntOne & ...02:06
C1. Journey The Breed02:25
C2. Good Morning Slom03:14
C3. Heartbox Sofasound &...02:26
C4. Herringbone Blue Wednes...02:23
C5. perplxd invention_02:16
C6. The Past autumn keys02:12
C7. Catch Me slowya.roll02:14
C8. Void Toonorth02:36
D1. Alhambra B-Side02:44
D2. Stardust Tesk & Helmut02:19
D3. Notturna o k h o & w...01:59
D4. Aiax Flitz&Suppe02:46
D5. Cashmere Coat Joe Corfiel...01:41
D6. Windows Downgoosetaf01:37
D7. Cloudscape Coubo03:41
D8. Lavender JUICEB?X02:54
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