Ghostface Killah & Adrian Younge – Twelve Reasons To Die Volume 2 (7" Box Set)

Linear Labs

US - Original
Hip Hop / Rap + UVP
wu tang, rza, reakwon, living legends
Ghostface Killah & Adrian Younge - Twelve Reasons To Die Volume 2 (7" Box Set)
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Limited Edition 6 x 7"inch Box Set

The exclusive Twelve Reasons To Die II 7″ Box Set contains six 7″ singles from the album, along with two picture disc Serato control tones, featuring custom artwork, all in a signature Linear Labs hardshell case.

Fans who have been waiting for the past two years can finally rejoice: Adrian Younge’s and Ghostface Killah’s Twelve Reasons To Die II is coming soon. 

To up the ante this time around, Ghostface has added a very important lyrical companion to the mix: Raekwon. The chemistry that was cemented two decades ago on Rae’s classic Only Built 4 Cuban Linx is as strong as ever, clearly heard on five out of the album’s 13 songs. And on the topic of chemistry, executive producer and Wu-Tang patriarch The RZA returns to Part II as the story’s narrator. 

Where the first installment of Twelve Reasons To Die was based in 1960s Italy – detailing the machinations of the feared DeLuca crime family – Part II inhabits the grimy streets of mid-1970s New York City. Descendants of the DeLucas are running the city, but a powerful, younger crime syndicate is percolating, commanded by black gangster Lester Kane (personified by Raekwon). 

As Kane’s power grows, he takes on the DeLucas and a bloodbath ensues. Kane has always known the legend of Tony Starks, who was killed by the DeLucas in Italy and whose remains were partially used to create twelve vinyl records. When played back in the “old world,” the Ghostface Killer rose and destroyed the Italian faction. This plays into the story’s conclusion at the end of Part II.

The storyline for Part II is vividly brought to life with the help of Younge’s never-endingly evocative and unique brand of cinematic, psychedelic soul. The music – on which Younge himself plays upwards of 10 instruments on certain songs – was recorded strictly on analog tape, to bring out the true grit of the ‘70s era that provides the Twelve Reasons backdrop. 

Twelve Reasons To Die II is another heavy feather in the caps of all involved, especially Younge and Ghost, who again poured their skills and intellect into this dramatic and engaging tale. It all fits perfectly into the Wu-Tang family tree as well as Younge’s always-expanding musical universe, which now proudly relies on Linear Labs to house it.

Vinyl 8x7" Only Vinyl
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Vinyl 8x7" + Digital Vinyl + Digital Vinyl + Digital
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A1. Powerful One
A2. Powerful One Instrumental (Hi...
B1. Return of the SavageReakwon, RZA
C1. King of New York Reakwon
D1. Rise UpScarub
E1. Daily News
F1. Get the MoneyVince Staples
F2. Get The Money Instrumental
G1. Serato Tone
H1. Death’s Invitation InterludeRZA
H2. Death’s InvitationLyrics Born...
I1. Let the Record Spin InterludeRZA
I2. Let the Record SpinRaekwon
J1. Serato Tone
K1. Black OutRaekwon
L1. Resurrection MorningRaekwon, Bilal
L2. Life’s a RebirthRZA
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