Bornenemy – Bornenemy

Marvel / Avenging Force

10" EP
EU - Original
Frankreich + Hip Hop / Rap + UVP
venom, mc zombi, marvel, blaq poet
Bornenemy - Bornenemy
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Bornenemy is a Hip Hop/HxC Metal creature composed of Venom, Mc Zombi & PrisonLife.

The back story take place when Venom & Nasty S crossed path via Matthieu Nedey (monstersquad dot com) who put them in connection. Before soon both artists feed the idea to join forces for a short record. “Venom and me share the same references in midnight cinema (vigilantes movies, horror flicks) and comics books, so the glue was mainly our love for these parallel cultures than the music itself” recalls Nasty S.

Venom an outsiders in Hip Hop that use a cinematic point of view to describes a vivid reality, known for his 2009 underground acclaimed album “Un Justicier Dans La Ville”, ultimately worked with the legendary DJ Premier of Gang Starr on “Vigilantes” (2012). It was his last vocal record. Venom stopped recording his voice since 2012 to only use his machines and formed the duo Ninjustice with Kyo Itachi to produce the underground hip hop finest as Conway (Griselda), Ras Kass, Bankai Fam, Blaq Poet, The Legion, Marquee, to name a few…

He brings his label mate and real life brothers Mc Zombi (producer/vocal artist) while the multi-talented guitarist/bassist Nasty S comes with his Avenging Force squad PrisonLife, the Hardcore Metal group with 90’s influence composed of Remz (drums), DJ Anft (vocals) and Tik (who play bass on stage). Their strong sound is filled with revenge an accusation towards this horrific society. PrisonLife debut album “We’ll bring the whole edifice down on their unworthy heads” (2018) was well received and bring them on the road for over 2 years.

Both camps had built an unusual hole on their ground and let the other inject their style in. Now you have scratches and rap on a metal track with mosh parts and guitars and metal vocals on a rugged hip hop beat. Plus a track where Venom only scratched guitars riffs and capital lines. “Turntables is an instrument, you can rock with it!” say Venom.

You hear the 90’s style crossover HxC metal combined with hardcore hip hop that creating fresh and cohesive material. In the pure tradition of Crossover anthems like Public Enemy /Anthrax “Bring The Noise” or Bio Hazards/Onyx “Judgment Night”.

And last but not least, as usual with Marvel Records, the longtime label collaborator and legendary 80’s movies illustrator Melki painted the cover that the project deserve.

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A1. Black Out04:50
A2. Riffs03:03
A3. Black Out Remix04:13
B1. The Crying Freeman (Celui Qui...03:20
B2. Retaliator04:01
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