Chess Move Cartel – The Album

Chess Moves

EU - Original
Hip Hop / Rap + UVP
tuff crew, son of noise, shadowstar boxer, ruste juxx, pacewon, hardnoise, dj too tuff, dj mada, dj jabbathakut, dj grazzhoppa, deuce ace detonator
Chess Move Cartel - The Album
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Limited Edition of 100 Copies.

Chess Move Cartel sees the bringing together of proven players within the game from the old school right through to the present day. Scratch masters and Turntablists alongside Rap veterans make contributions over wall of sound sculpted productions embedded within the Hip Hop soundscape of both boom bap and more experimental approaches to sonic execution. Crafted using only Analogue equipment such as the highly desired and vintage SP1200 sampler right through to the manglers such as the Octatrack this material carries the weight of dirt and dust that has been harnessed using cutting edge production tools to allow all ingredients to be steered into fresh directions.

With exception to one song (ILL Boxing) which was produced by Mr Green all material was produced by Chess Moves using Thermionic Culture, API and Neve outboard.

Vocals by: Ruste Juxx, Pacewon and Shadowstar Boxer.

The DJ's and Turntablists that contributed to this project are: DJ Mada (Hardnoise / Son of Noise), DJ Too Tuff (Tuff Crew) aka the Deuce Ace Detonator, DJ Grazzhoppa and DJ Jabbathakut.

We aimed for dirt and grime for this project so as to capture a feel from the type of productions that was around back in the day and what better way to capture that for ultimate playback but on the very highly treasured format which is of course Vinyl!!

Chess Move Cartel - The Album is being made available in stores worldwide with only 100 copies being pressed in heavyweight vinyl. As fans of the art ourselves we recognize and also feel when something good comes along and these are the very things which have the ability to shine. These collections of recordings are one such example. Those that pick it up will be in the exclusive minority so make your moves and make it happen before someone else beats you to it.

Of those that do come away with a copy everyone at Chess Move Cartel and all of it's contributors offer to you a distinctly genuine thank you. You are the fuel that keep artists and art alive.

Vinyl LP Only Vinyl
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Vinyl LP + Digital Vinyl + Digital Vinyl + Digital
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A1. We Came to Play Chess01:24play
A2. Broken Glass03:22play
A3. The Guilty Party03:23play
A4. Dark Fury01:08play
A5. Medicated 105:02play
A6. Murder Competition03:20play
B1. Medicated 203:14play
B2. ILL Boxing03:57play
B3. Funky Detonator02:19play
B4. The Bigger Picture02:08play
B5. What Up02:24play
B6. Bare Bones Attack02:51play
B7. Wrath of the SP120002:32play
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