Blue Sky Black Death & Nacho Picasso – Exalted

Too Many Records
TMR - 4

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US - Original
Hip Hop / Rap
wolves, shaprece renee, rob harris, alexander chen
Blue Sky Black Death & Nacho Picasso - Exalted
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Limited Edition on Clear with Black and Purple Splatter Coloured Vinyl.

From the moment I first heard Nacho spit, I was instantly entranced. Something about his syrupy laid back drawl was intoxicating, and I couldn't get enough of it. A lot of his lines are also hilarious, which adds to the listening experience considerably. Underneath his confident flow lies the masterful production of Blue Sky Black Death. This unlikely duo managed to bring out the best of one another, as the beats are always next-level tasty and often times spooky and unnerving, which goes with a lot of the themes and feelings of the album. The album manages to feel both grimy and ethereal which is a beautiful blend of sounds. Nacho aka the Tat in the Hat pulls you into his nihilistic world with killer hooks and repetitive motifs throughout the album, building something extremely cohesive by the end of the journey. This is one of many projects that Nacho and BSBD did together, but this one is my favorite due to some of my favorite Nacho tracks being on it.

If you're a fan of either of these artists, pledging this is a no brainer. Nacho only has one release on vinyl, a collaboration with one half of BSBD, but it's criminal that his studio albums with the duo have never received the wax treatment. That's what I'm here to change. If you're a hip-hop fan, a few tracks into this you'll know that this needs a permanent spot in your collection. And if you're not a fan of hip-hop, this may win you over with those luxuriously tight beats and chill bars enveloping you for the entire listen. Plus, you gotta keep your TMR collection complete, right?

This is the first time this has ever been on vinyl! We are using the digital release art, and the cassette j-card art for the label. There will be a custom back of the sleeve with a track list. Of course we're doing black polylined sleeves to help protect those records. The classic splatter variant that matches the cover completes the visual. It will be two beautiful splatter disks, 45RPM for maximum audio quality, and specifically mastered for vinyl.

Only 1 per customer!

Vinyl 2LP Only Vinyl
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Vinyl 2LP + Digital Vinyl + Digital Vinyl + Digital
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A1. Bloody Murder03:25
A2. Swap 'Em Out03:54
A3. Haile Selassie05:01
B1. Mob Ties04:30
B2. Tom Hanks04:39
B3. Kickin Out Windows03:21
C1. 4th Of JulyJeremy Cross03:53
C2. The Gods Don't Favor You03:53
C3. Surf Nazis Must Die03:16
D1. Scooby Snacks03:37
D2. Public Enemy03:20
D3. Villains In My Circle04:28
D4. Joey Gallo03:36
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