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Arm - Codé
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To too much want to put at all costs the rappers in this or that mold, by dint of considering his public like market share, French rap creates men apart, on the sidelines. From those, artists who since fifteen years do not accept concessions or bend to the rules of too redundant play, Arm is a part. Code, his new and tenth album, is further proof. This discography, the rapper has long built through the project Psykick Lyrikah. A moving concept which led him to work with Dominique A, Olivier Mellano or Laetitia Sheriff, and to be done at the same time a name and a reputation. His name, Arm, will be the banner of his future albums. Her reputation, she follows him: that of artistic honesty, wholeness, and the creation of sonic darkness to better highlight the light.

Arm does everything: writing, rap, beatmaking, production ... The result is an obvious cohesion between texts and music. sic, an ability to handle the codes, the structures verse / chorus too heard, to twist them then to sublimate them until they disappear. On Codé, these are thick and threatening tablecloths give the album its consistency. Each or almost all nine pieces that compose it begins with these heavy atmospheres, during which we must try to anticipate the future, the content of what we are about to hear. Pessimism? Melancholy? Hope? Uncertainties? That's what Code is done. The voice is often distant, deafened, or sometimes on the contrary bright to the extreme. She betrays this the desire to create an imagery, a world that certainly self-destructs, but which reflects ours, as if Arm always wanted to force us to look in the mirror. Be it beats borrowed from the abstract hip-hop, those definitely trap dark, and the ultra-produced prods, everything participates to constitute a social universe. unique, off the beaten tracks. The rapper recalls it on the title "Assault": "I took the road to write the big voids. "
It has been said, Arm works greatly alone. No wonder then that only one featuring appears on this tenth album, in the person of Vîrus on the piece "Cap gris". An association that feels the obvious, instinct, which allows him to continue to be among the unclassifiable and most endearing profiles of a French rap voluntarily out of the nails. He says it on "We have", one of the highlights of the tracklist, who shines with his glimmers of hope: "I am on the right path, the one I chose [...] I am precisely someone because no one calculates us. Coded is all this: the work of a leader despite himself, a man often described as intellectual, but who has made the choice to be raw, true.

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A1. Collateral
A2. Deux
A3. Oneiro
A4. Persona
A5. On A
B1. Cap GrisVîrus
B2. Perdu
B3. Assaut
B4. L'Apparition Des Masques
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