Various – Cocoon Compilation O

Cocoon Recordings

6x12" + CD
DE - Original
Techno / Tech-House + Electronic + House / Deep House
youandme, tripmastaz, tom demac, roland m. dill
Various - Cocoon Compilation O
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It is almost hard to believe and we are looking for that wormwhole that brought us here as we are already looking at the arrival of compilation number "O". And we rather do not start thinking about the endless wordplays we could do with the "Story Of O", 
however we have to admit that this special "O-Edition" comes with an extra portion of deepness, soul and yes, even sex! Let's proove this right from the start with Roland M. Dill and "The Messenger". Dill presents an epic and cineastic masterpiece full of emotions and a perfect introduction for our O selection. This is the spirit that we mean when we think about hot party nights in Ibiza, that magic touch that we feel when we start the nights and looking for the first beats. Russian based producer Tripmastaz offer us these first beats of the night with their minimal house track - Grindin' . The cool bassline and the groovin tool-like beat programming represents the new school of deep minimal house 
producers who offer much more these days then a simple ableton loop and a filter. Deepness and a certain feeling for house and techno is the trade mark and the two following artists follow that in perfection. Dana Ruh ("If You Dont Know A Name ) and youANDme (- Jungle Book ) present two cool tech-house productions with rolling basslines and fat house chords merged with a versatile and driving drum programming. Defintely two of the best tunes out of this genre in 2015 so far. This is the sound on our way to and into the club, when we are about to enter the first cocoon night of the year. We step into the arena, we feel the heat and the party begins... so let's play the tracks by the next two O-artists: Traumer and Tom Demac. The two speed up the O-engine and open the techno chambers of our selection. Minimal heaven, crazy and electronic, this is the peaktime sound of our night! The night is getting chaotic and so are we, ready to be surprised by the DJs and waiting for some cool and 
brave moves. Naples based producer DAST is the right man for this moment and brings us his oldskool flavoured - Paranormal Effect . He increases the beat count again with this rave hymn that almost warps us back to the high days of R&S and Go-Bang - pure summer rave atmosphere! Next in line is Mister Steve Parker with a minimal techno monster for all you Rob Hood fans out there. The perfect sound for a techno-floor full of smoke and shamen like dancers. The night is turning into madness and we are about to forget where we are. Lee Van Dowski and his "www" follows the techno path of the previous two tracks with his mental synth and fat bass programming. This is DJ food for the techno floors out there and we just want to dance to this! What a selection so far... what an energy. So it's time to leave the peaktime section behind and slowly swing out to a cool and deep ending. Karim Sahraoui joins us for this with his track - The Comforter slowing down the tempo and adding more melodies and feeling to our selection. However with a nice acid bassline and a decent beat, too which keeps our bodies moving.

So let's check "She by Reset Robot with more emotions and almost as epic as our opening number by Roland M. Dill... however not our final pick here as we still have one more to deliver: "Hanami (Armonia Rosa)" by Luca Ballerini is an extra surpreme highlight and a perfect ending for our latest compilation. The right tune to guide us into the sunrise and to the beach-afterhour - the last goodie in a basket full of almost all things house and techno. Pushing beats, emotions, acid and techno, and even epic moments and oldskool flashbacks - you all find it in here. What a night, what a party, this is techno for the summer of 2015!

Vinyl 6x12" + CD Only Vinyl
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A1. The MessengerRoland Mich...
B1. GrindinTripmastaz
C1. If You Don't Know A NameDana Ruh
D1. Jungle BookyouANDme
E1. KirafTraumer
F1. Axel FoleyTom Demac
G1. Paranormal EffectDast
H1. Brian's LullabySteve Parker
I1. WwwLee Van Dowski
J1. The ComforterKarim Sahraoui
K1. SheReset Robot
L1. Hanami (Armonia Rosa)Luca Ballerini
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