Simoncino – Amazon Atlantis

Crème Organization
Creme LP-12

EU - Original
Techno / Tech-House + House / Deep House + Electronic
leon vynehall, legowelt, dj koze
Simoncino - Amazon Atlantis
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Acclaimed Italian house producer Simoncino is back with another full length album, Amazon Atlantis, this time on one of his regular label homes, Creme Organization.
Known for his real passion for collecting and playing authentic analogue gear and his ability to craft dream like soundscapes and mystical house atmospheres, Simoncino has released a huge and high quality amount of EPs and LPs on labels like this one as well as Mathematics, LIES and Thug Records. His vintage sound is one full of real emotion, and that is the case with this new full length.
Simoncio turns on his machines and makes music every day, just for pleasure. Every so often he feels the time is right to release a new collection of material, and that time is now. There is no objective or particular message behind the album, it was simply conjured up using the Akai S 900 and the Emu Emax I drum machines as well as a Roland JX8P, a Korg PolySix a Ensoniq ESQ1 and a Yamaha DX7.
Made at different times over an extended period of time in his home studio in Perugia, Italy, the album features two collaborations. The first is with Legowelt, “who besides being one of my favourite artists is a close friend” and the other is with Vincent Floyd, “a true legend whose records ‘Cruising and ‘I Dream You’ have left their mark on my life.”
This album starts with deep and gurgling house beats and chilly hi hats and unfolds though more jacking, acid flecked tracks like ‘In Viaggio’. Always full of spaced out moods and cosmic signifiers, ‘Nagano’ is a ever more pressurised cut, whilst ‘90s Theme’ features plenty of classic break beats and old school sounds.
Meanwhile, ’Space Tape’ gets all raw and rugged with its clever use of lo-fi effects, ‘Akai Afro’ is full of the sort of African chants and earthy beats you would expect and the two collaborations are both standout cuts. With Legowelt, Simoncino ups the tempo and offers a real spacey techno vibe, and with Vincent Floyd he lays down some killer melodies and introspective moods.
This is a complete album that takes you on a roller coaster ride through myriad different moods and grooves, always with an authentic sense of atmosphere and real sense of purpose.

Vinyl 2x12" Only Vinyl
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Vinyl 2x12" + Digital Vinyl + Digital Vinyl + Digital
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A1. ImagesSimoncino
A2. In ViaggioSimoncino
B1. NaganoSimoncino
B2. Warriors After MidnightSimoncino
B3. Planet ParadiseLegoweltSimoncino
C1. Memories Of SummerVincent FloydSimoncino
C2. 90's ThemeSimoncino
C3. Dub TheorySimoncino
D1. Space TapeSimoncino
D2. Akai AfroSimoncino
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