Parov Stelar – Voodoo Sonic - The Album

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EU - Original
Electronic + Electro + House / Deep House + Black Grooves + Jazz
waldeck, nekta, guts, cash candy, boogie belgique
Parov Stelar - Voodoo Sonic - The Album
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180 Gram Heavyweight Black Double Vinyl in Gatefold Sleeve.

The Voodoo Universe is now complete! The masterpiece combining the Trilogy 1-3 will be released on November 27th and is a magnificent work show of the multifaceted genius.

Concerts by successful musicians often have an air of church-mass: Fans pay homage to their idols, hailing them, giving the impression of following them blindly. Parov Stelar, a globally successful musician from Austria, is one such artist. Is this art of seduction a kind of Voodoo, Black Magic even? Who can tell? It makes no difference whatsoever, as to his fans Parov Stelar easily passes as a High-Priest of grooves that perfectly understands how to put them in ecstasy.

In Voodoo, Bondieu, a higher being communicates to the masses through priests called Loas. Parov Stelar manages to do so with his music. Voodoo Sonic was born and delivered with the idea to replace the conventional album with several EPs, allowing greater musical freedom and the possibility to explore the many sonic landscapes of Voodoo Sonic.

Now the Voodoo Sonic Universe is complete and celebrated with all three parts combined into one ultimate and highly demanded package. It's a Parov Stelar work show which makes it possible to enjoy his diverse sound world in all of its facets.

The Artwork for Voodoo Sonic was designed and painted by Parov Stelar himself. From the art studio to the recording studio, on to the dance floor in the form of art and beats. Parov Stelar is an all in one king of art.

The icing on the cake is the Voodoo Sonic documentary, which can be seen on all Parov Stelar channels available. (coming September 2020).

If you want to see Parov Stelar live, you will get the chance in summer 2021 at festivals in many countries following by a headliner tour across Europe towards the end of the year.

Vinyl 2LP Only Vinyl
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Vinyl 2LP + Digital Vinyl + Digital Vinyl + Digital
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A1. Silver Line02:59play
A2. Tango Del Fuego03:05play
A3. Pink Dragon04:25play
A4. Purple Moon02:49play
B1. Black Marlin04:13play
B2. Red Cat04:21play
B3. Crush & Crumble02:55play
B4. The Voodoo Engine04:01play
B5. Sophie And The Hacker02:47play
C1. Voodoo Sonic03:28play
C2. Brass Devil .03:54play
C3. Come Back Home05:12play
C4. Piano Boy06:59play
D1. Don’t You Forget03:22play
D2. Fade To Red03:12play
D3. Number One Mc03:50play
D4. Go Wake Up02:51play
D5. The Fall02:59play
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