Various – Typhoon - Portrait Of The Electronic Years


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sirius, egotrya, craig leon
Various - Typhoon - Portrait Of The Electronic Years
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A brilliant selection from the 80 s Italian cult club compiled by resident DJ Beppe Loda. This first instalment is dedicated to the more electronic side of things and the tracking list is an excellent balance of progressive electronic tracks from Europe with some electro/Italo disco episodes such as the Italian group MC1 with the track "Basic". This timeless album is itself a true cult that represents the phenomenon that is 'afro music', today wrongly labelled as the 'Cosmic sound', that developed through various clubs such as Chicago, Baia degli Angeli, Melamara, Les Cigalles, Goody Goody, Bisbi and of course Typhoon! 

In fact the Typhoon club was the epicentre of various avant-guard musical styles including electronic, afro and experimental and this CD contains many of the tracks that literally made the dancefloor explode time and again. Here you will find a brilliant choice of tracks that have become collectors items over the years, Beppe Loda has dug deep into his crates and the result is nothing short of a musical portrait, a "Portrait Of The Electronic Years". 

The Typhoon phenomenon was born on the 19 December 1980 following a lengthy and meticulous preparation by its two creators, Nevio and Beppe Loda who studied everything carefully making sure that even the smallest of details in this mythological club were spot on. They wanted to open up a club that was an alternative to all the others that already existed and that was exactly what they did. It was the people themselves, the ones who went to the club, who spread the word from city to city and then even from country to country and thus a new musical era was proclaimed. Listening today to one of Loda's mixtapes from the early 80 s, especially the electronic music ones, you can hear just how he was one of the very first DJ's to have crossed over into new unexplored musical territories. What Beppe was able to express at Typhoon with regards to quality, quantity and innovation is nowadays practically impossible to recreate both in terms of comparison as well as from the practical side of the music. The way in which he researched for new tunes included a huge amount of effort which was compensated and sustained by an incredible will of trying to renew himself along with one of dance music's most uncertain periods, the early 80 s. Synthonic Records along with Beppe Loda are proud to present the first instalment of a collection of CD's that tries to bring you an insight into past phenomenons that are still creating ripples today.

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A1. LionsTones On Tails03:59
A2. Saving GraceThomas Leer05:27
A3. Basic - Beppe Loda RMXMC104:36
A4. On The Way To MedoraPolyphonic ...04:26
B1. Sirius III Mark IIDuncan Mackay05:07
B2. Driving BlindChris & Cosey06:31
B3. Donkeys Bearing CupsCraig Leon06:02
C1. Uranium (B. Loda RMX)Sirius04:41
C2. Flying TurnsCrash Cours...03:00
C3. Life In The GladhouseModern English05:54
C4. Views Of The RhineKevin Harrison04:10
D1. Volcano (B.Loda Elettro Monst...Egotrya07:00
D2. DiscophreniaRalph Lundsten07:03
D3. Typhoon (B.Loda Version)Egotrya05:05
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